About me

Alex Edgar demonstrating  Life Alignment with Sarah Ryan, a fellow practitioner.

Here is a little bit about me:

I live and practice from a half acre smallholding in Kalbaskraal, just off the N7. My treatment room is a lovingly restored wendy house set between a chicken run and a field of spinach. The smallholding is a permaculture urban farm, built from nothing and still in the early stages of establishment, so it is wonderful for grounding and clearing the mind, but not very refined.

I was introduced to spiritual healing as a young teenager when I had a session with Annelise Cowley (now director of the St Francis Health Center of the Eastern Cape South Africa).  This started a lifelong fascination with healing, subtle energies, and the spiritual path.

I did an Honors degree in Third World Political Studies, and then started to study holistic therapies very soon after finishing my degree. (Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Naturopathy, Reiki, Herbalism, Tui Na). I studied Life Alignment in 2001 with Nina Frank in Johannesburg.  

However, there was a long seven year hiatus before I felt equipped to return to the technique, during which I worked (occasionally) as an administrator, artist’s model, teacher, bookkeeper, and business skills writer. In hindsight, I spent much of my life running from the lessons that I was meant to learn, but luckily, this was not a very successful endeavour.

I was also fortunate enough to study and practice lay counselling with the Cape Town Rape Crisis Trust. 

This combined with a health melt-down to give me the push I needed to find a teacher in Cape Town and return to the technique. 

I studied with Tanya and Jason Harris in Cape Town over the next few years, and was lucky enough to do a few modules with Jeff too.

Areas of interest: Working with survivors of abuse, suicide, co-dependency, spiritual attack, psychosomatic illness, archetypal balances, musculo-skeletal problems, teaching and facilitating workshops.

I now focus exclusively on this kind of work, and have joined the Bothasig Holistic Fair and Camphill Market. I have just been guided to offer Readings, which is definitely a threshold step for me.

I’m also working with massage. This is in a different website, which you can look at here: www.allalignedmassage.weebly.com.