Advanced Chakra Balance




Advanced chakra balances have a lovely high vibration, with very clean, beautiful frequencies.

They are best for people who have already done quite a lot of chakra-clearing work and are ready to work at a more advanced level.

They are very powerful and transformative – especially in the aspects of how you relate to the world around you and your mission here on earth.

These balances are used on the 7 major chakras: working with emotions, the flow of energy and release or infusion of particular archetypes

They can also be done with the more subtle chakras 8 to 12, working with the emotions, flow of energy through the body, and the balancing and integration of the way that your field interacts with one of the 12 rays.

Google meeting, Zoom or Skype video conferencing are the three options I give people.

Just set aside a safe and supportive space, plenty or water and some tissues so we can work comfortably. Allow for at least an hour and a half and free time afterwards to process whatever comes up.

Once you make the booking and the request, I will contact you to set up a time and date.

These balances are very structured. I use Life Alignment processes, hand movements and holds, and energy healing tools which are very specific. But this process can also be very powerful and bring about a big transformation in how you go through life.

You can contact me with questions and requests. You can also choose what issues or chakras you want to work on, or allow me to dowse what our focus should be. I look forward to working with you! These are lovely sessions to facilitate!

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