Balance your Throat Chakra


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Balance your throat chakra with an online video session. Your throat chakra relates to your integrity and your ability to think and speak the truth. It is one of the most rewarding and important chakras to work with, because these qualities of integrity and truthfulness are essential for healing and personal growth.

Untruthfulness, distortion, and dissonance with the greater Cosmic energies of Light, Love and Creation manifest both within each of us as individuals and within our relationships and social worlds.

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” G. Orwell.

You can read more about the throat chakra in our blog: “How to heal spiritual throat issues”.

When your throat chakra changes spin from reversed to right-way-around, your whole perception of yourself in relation to the world can change. It correlates with deep questioning and reframing of profound and important questions. This in turn, is life-changing.

Throat Chakra themes and issues

There are two great themes that the throat chakra deals with: truthful meaning and integration with Divine Will. Truth and meaning correlate with the front of the chakra. Surrender and trustful integration with Divine Will correlates with the back of the throat chakra.

Often the first big shift that you need to make towards healing is to balance your throat chakra. When you balance your throat chakra, you become able to think accurately and perceive truth so much more clearly. This enables you to reframe everything in a higher vibrational frequency. And this, in turn, enables great healing to flow naturally.

The throat chakra is one of the most exciting chakras to work with. Because when you balance your throat chakra, so much changes.  A lovely feeling of liberation and ease often replaces the tight-jawed, blocked-up, silenced stuckness of a blocked or reversed 5th chakra. It also frees up your whole posture and breathing.  This means that you can be so much more present and out there in the world as an awakened spiritual being and whole human.

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