1. I had a very very good experience and highly recommend it!! Im purchasing one for my love ones too!!! I wont come back and purchase again if its not good! So for those who still rethinking about it can try and experience it yourself ?

  2. Would absolutely purchase this work again! Alex is an absolute gem to work with and is exceptionally skilled at what she does, and at reading the intricacies of your energy. A must-have if you have gone through painful experiences, are feeling stuck, or keep going in circles in your healing. Cannot recommend higher. Alex was able to get me to a new level, without ever going “back” to where I was, and was completely compassionate, grounded, and pleasing to work with. Thank you infinitely!!

  3. Amazing really detailed and great insight I felt better immediately after the Reiki session and will definitely book again soon!

  4. My first time getting a healing session from Alex. I wanted to get something to address my issue. I felt the issue did improve after the meridian balance and the session notes were intriguing! Thank you I really appreciate your help.

  5. Alex is a gentle, loving Soul who truly stands in her healing abilities. Working with her during these incredible times was exactly want I needed.nnShould your soul be called to work with her, you will leave more whole than you have ever been.nn????????

  6. One of the most powerful and intuitive healers ive met in my life as of now, thank you tons Alex!!

  7. We had some trouble at first with our video call, but this woman is amazing! She is very patient and listens carefully, and then weighs in on what you have to say. I don’t know how she did it, but I have calmed down considerably from lots of stress, self-doubt, and not enough sleep! Just woke up from an 11-hour blissful rest (my norm is 4), and I feel calmly confident! Needless to say, I will be calling her again for her services!

  8. Amazing as always lovely lady always sorts me out and helps with insight. I feel the difference thank you so much xx

  9. Doing this life alignment shifted so many things. I was so grateful for the Skype session with Alex and felt marvelous afterwards. Wow! This was better than a therapy session. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  10. Alex is an amazing healer who will definitely transform your life! If you are in need of removing any obstacles of the self that stand in your way, Alex is the best person to go to. She is a magnificent lightworker who can pinpoint exactly what the problem is, and how to remove it.

  11. Alex is very gifted, caring and hosted a session where I noticed immediate results. Highly recommend!

  12. This session was extremely helpful. Alex is a very gifted practitioner and also very compasionate. nWill come back for other sessions in the future.

  13. I love Alex. She is very understanding, non-judgmental, friendly and very helpful. I feel so much better after our session. Please give Alex a try and you will experience positive things right away. Thank you, Alex!

  14. Amazing Something guided me to buy this I felt it so hard quite amazing ! Thank you a lot

  15. Amazing gifted lady I love the reiki always helps me and gives advice I love the detailed notes emailed each time!

  16. One of the most amazing healers I’ve met, incredible progress in but weeks. Really a very kind soul, for a price I’ve never seen elsewhere among the greatest healing and guidance I’ve received..thank you for your sincerity, Alex! Recommend insanely !!!

  17. This was a tough soul alignment session but it was necessary to bring that trauma out of my body. This session brought out a lot of spiritual toxins. Alex is great.

  18. I’m so thankful for meeting Alex, incredible and just love her energy healing modality, very similar to my style. Thank you for all your help

  19. Helped me to get rid of a spirit that was attached to me and help him cross over. I feel so much better now, thank you!

  20. Alex is a very kind and friendly reiki healer. She did a surrogate reiki for one of my family members and I could see positive difference almost immediately. Please give Alex a try and you will experience positive things right away. Thank you, Alex!

  21. I am amazed how cheap this is and how amazing the energy that I felt it was quick for me because I was ready to accept ! Very professional service!! Thank you a lot

  22. It was great experience, felt better after this treatment and great communication with Alex. Thank you very much!

  23. I felt the difference immediately, thank you so much. I really enjoyed your email as well.

  24. I love Alex. She has helped me work through so much. I implore you all to book her services she can guide you to healing yourself. She is the real deal and she is patient, trustworthy and professional.

  25. Ms. Alex is one of the best healers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her gift of healing will miraculously transform all aspects of your life, from the inside out!

  26. Amazing !!?I was amazed on how perfect she described my mom she told me things I did not know about my mom and my mom confirmed it impressive ??

  27. I felt the difference from this session, and the pain I had has since one, thank you so much 🙂

  28. Very kind lady, but didn’t feel aligned for me. Seemed more like a coaching session as I did most of the talking.

  29. I experienced positive movements in my area of concern a few days after the session. Could resonate with the balancing session notes that Alex picked up on. Amazing as always!

  30. Love Alex!! Super kind and helpful! Definitely is gifted! Worth every penny!! Thanks again Alex!!

  31. This was a lovely supportive experience for seeing myself more clearly and what I need to move towards. I recommend it. She is a skilled, in-tune, highly aware, kind healer.

  32. This woman is incredible fantastic… She is incredible wonderfull…. She is the best, I love her!! haha She is just brilliant!! I cannot explain enough…! 100% recommended.nI will come back to her everytime I need it, and I have already purchased few times from her.

  33. I was floored by your gift. I got this for my coworker, and I honored your interaction and kept my word to not read his message and to delete it after sending it to him. I told him I did that too. But to my happiness he was impressed himself enough to feel enthusiastic to share what his notes said. I am utterly amazed by your keen intuition and I more than appreciate what you did for him. I mean really. There aren’t enough good things I can say about you. I am sure you prefer a sense of humility but I am extraordinarily grateful to you! He was very impressed by your accuracy. He wasn’t even really familiar with reiki at all. You’re amazing, Alex.

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