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Study Energy Healing Courses and Workshops

Study Courses in Life Alignment :
Foundation course: Body Spin

Foundation energy healing course held online in Life Alignment

Study Reiki – Course in Kalbaskraal – level 1

Reiki course in Kalbaskraal in 2019

Healing is a universal human ability. Come and learn this beautiful gentle way to help yourself and others.

Usui Reiki is a universal system that can be used in harmony with any religious tradition, and with none.

This is a full day course of study, running from 10 AM to about 5 PM as needed.

A deposit of R200 secures your place on the course. Total course fee R450.

Please bring a vegetarian lunch to share.

A follow up practice session will be arranged and is included in the cost of the course.

Course Study Content: · Commitment and the 5 precepts ·  Centering and tuning in meditation · Gassho meditation & Reiki Attunement · What is Reiki? · History of Reiki · Transform Healing Reading · Byosen scanning · Jyoshin Kokyo Ho: Hara breathing · Breathing and meditation · Hand positions for self-treatment · Hand positions for working with a partner · Kenyoku – Dry washing · Going forward with Reiki  

Study courses and workshops

ILAASA Workshop: Stand up, Speak up & Reach Out 
​14 November 2015

Saturday 14 November
House of Therapies
10AM to 4 PM
Facilitators:  Carol Nelson & Alex Edgar

· Who are your clients?

· Why?

· Where can you find them?

· How can you let them know that you are available to them?

· What do they need to know from you?

· And what do you need to know from Source?

· Free for ILAASA members.

· R50 for non-members

This workshop is exclusively for Life Alignment students and practitioners.
Please bring a light vegetarian lunch to share.

Energy healing courses

Body Spin is the foundation course of Life Alignment.

It is studied in a three day course with a series of four half day practical follow-ups.

In addition, there are a number of case studies to complete as part of the course before qualifying to work as a Body Spin practitioner, and being eligible to study Module 1 of Life Alignment.

All the major procedures learnt in the Body Spin course are applied in every balance no matter what level the practitioner may qualify in.

They are some of the simplest yet most powerful techniques used in Life Alignment.

Studying the Body Spin course is a prerequisite to learning more advanced modules. Only one emotional process is taught at this level: The emotional release.

This gives students time to develop the skills they will need to work with emotions and clients’ stories at a more advanced level later on.

Some of the techniques you will study:

·  How to work with the major and minor chakras in the body to bring harmonisation to where it is needed

·  How to bring healing to the major systems of the body

· Muscle testing techniques

· Doing distance work using Body Spin energy tools and techniques

· How to dowse with a pendulum

·  Working with emotions energetically​

· How to stay centered when working

Body Spin is compatible with other techniques such as Reiki, and once it is mastered on its own, it can be combined with them fairly easily.

Energy healing courses online are all about learning together and healing together in a group process.

Introductory Talk and Demonstration of Energy Healing & Life Alignment

by Ingrid Veit and Alex Edgar
On 14 July 2018 from 11 to 12 at the Bothasig Holistic Faire
Ingrid and Alex are offering a short talk and demonstration on energy work, as well as on the human energy field. They will show how to measure the energy field, and how to strengthen it through energy medicine. They will also give an introductory demonstration of Life Alignment. This technique empowers the client. The client is guided to explore their own access to Universal energy, and work through the mental or emotional blockages preventing or distorting the flow of energy in their field.