Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to set aside time for my distance Reiki?

You can relax and allow the process to happen without your conscious involvement. I will email you as I work and give you a full report on everything I pick up and do.

We did the energywork and I don’t see an improvement yet. When will it happen?

When we do spiritual or psychic readings or realignments, we hand the outcome over to our higher selves and to Divine Love.

Your path is a mystery, and the shifts you need to make are still being discovered.

Unfortunately, an online healing session is not a haircut.

You can’t just pay your money and get your results.

We collaborate together, and we accept the help, the kindness and compassion and wisdom that is our birthright as Divine souls having a human experience.

We get given what we need, not what we want. So sometimes the burden itself is the precious gift. The enemy (both inside and outside ourselves) is our greatest Teacher.

Trust the process, be compassionate with yourself, and surrender to Source. All will be well. Everything is unfolding as it should.

Giving unentangled gifts

When you really want to share this work with someone you feel will benefit, please be careful not to place conditions or expectations on the process.

  • If you want me to work on your boss because she is driving you nuts, please refrain from giving her a Zoom with me in the hope that I can improve her for you. The same goes for anyone else in your life.

Examine your motives and don’t give entangled gifts of energywork, please.

  • Yes, I would love to work on your loved one.

But their appointment is theirs – no-one else’s. They set the goals, the purpose and the transmutation.

  • The receiver is 100% entitled to do whatever they like with their gift session, including ignoring it.
  • A session given conditionally is a negotiation, not a gift. Please don’t do this.

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