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Online Intuitive Sessions

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You can book a variety of online healing sessions. Choose between face to face on Zoom or another video call platform. For example, Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet, Whatsapp video or Facebook Messenger.

If you prefer, you can book a distance session and simply send us a photo to work from.

You can also specify if you want to work with Alex or Annari.

In some ways, it does not matter too much which choice you make. Because we work according to your intention and intuition.

So trust the process, book what speaks to you most truly, and wait to hear from us.

We will be in touch soon to suggest a time and date for our session.

Going ahead

Once we have confirmed a suitable appointment slot, we send you a calendar invitation – Zoom or Google Meet are nice and easy because then we can put the meeting link directly into the calendar invitation.

There is also no need to book before clarifying whether All Aligned Healing is a good match for you. Rather get in touch by contacting us with your questions via our email form or via WhatsApp.

If there are any problems with actually going ahead with the session, we can always refund you, so don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to get everything to work out smoothly for all of us.

How to prepare for a video call appointment

Please find a quiet private space for the call where you can process feelings and thoughts deeply without needing to censor or be watched during the session.


If you have small children, if at all possible, please find a way to meet without them being present, so that you can speak freely without it impacting on them. This will also help prevent interruptions and distractions.

If this is not possible, we can still meet, but of course, it will not be as effective as it should be.

If you have no choice but to go ahead with the appointment while your child is present, please do not discuss matters that relate directly to your child in their presence. This is not beneficial for your child.

We can actually work indirectly with your child if you wish, by means of a surrogate balance.


Pets are welcome during sessions, but please do not have them present if you are shifting and working with strong negative emotions that relate to the pet directly.

Respecting the practitioner

Please do not meet with us in a way that is not respectful of the space and the session. Life can be complicated, but please treat the Zoom appointment as semi-professional. Don’t consult with us in a state of dishevelment or intoxication. Even when the video is off, it is very discomforting for the practitioner.

For the same reason, please, if possible keep your camera view still during the session. If we are meeting on your phone, please prop it up for the session rather than holding it in your hand. So that we don’t get too dizzy and distracted by nostril hair and odd angles and movements.


Please have water and tissues on hand, Be comfortable so that you can concentrate. Give yourself time and space after the appointment to integrate, ground and relax. Try not to rush off into traffic – some sessions can be very intense and trigger some deep shifts in your energy field. It may not be safe to get behind the wheel straight away.

Most sessions bring positive and happy feelings. A few may leave you needing to process long-suppressed grief or sadness. Be kind with yourself, drink plenty of water, cocoon and give yourself time and space to process whatever comes up for you over the next few days.

A hot salt bath can really be lovely after a deep session to detox, cleanse your energy field and help process the shift. Walking in nature if possible is also a wonderful way to follow up on a healing session, as is any kind of spiritual practice.

We are always here if you need to reach out, and are happy to communicate, chat, read and answer your emails and generally support your process. You are not alone!

Working with end-of-life support

If you choose to work with us during an end-of-life, terminal, or life-threatening illness, please contract with a trusted friend or family member to reach out to us in the event of your death.

Because this stage of your life can be really tiring, expensive and taxing, it is all about receiving. Please feel welcome to make use of the sliding scale at whatever rate is free of effort or anxiety. We would be deeply honoured to support you during this time of transition, and to be part of your larger support team in our own small way. Reiki and energy healing can be deeply soothing, comforting and helpful at this stage in life and can bring peace, consolation, and serenity both for the person who is passing away, and for caregivers.

We are happy to support you whether you are fighting for survival, or going with the flow.

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