Online group workshop: How to Use a Pendulum



Pendulum workshop

Learn how to use a pendulum. Clear blocks to dowsing accurately and get to learn and practice with other students online. Come to our pendulum workshop.

This is part of a series of online healing and intuitive workshops that will be offered throughout the year.

We meet online in Zoom in a small group of healers, intuitive, psychics, at all levels of skill and experience. And we learn, practice and integrate together.

Each online workshop is 80 minutes long. They are participatory and are all about active experiential learning, connecting to your intuition, growing, healing and developing your skills.

A pendulum is basically a weight on a string or chain that can swing freely. It is a great tool for not only developing your intuition, but for using your intuition to go through a list of possibilities. You can do this very fast and efficiently using yes/no questions.

You can use your pendulum to measure and indicate the spin and health of the major and minor chakras in the body, to indicate the direction of flow of leylines and other earth energies and to measure the health and vitality of the human energy field.

Using a pendulum is a simple process. Learning to stay in neutral and connected to your intuition is a simple process, but does take quite a bit of practice. We will practice together, have fun, connect and collectively shift whatever we need to shift to support you in this process.

The workshops are not recorded – they are an intimate space, so please be prepared to take notes.

You don’t need to buy an expensive pendulum. Any weight that can swing freely on a string is fine, but heavier is better than too light in the hand.

The Facilitator

The facilitator is Alex Edgar.

Alex has worked as a healer since about 1998, and started along this path in about 1991. She has also taught at various schools and universities for a number of years. Alex has written and created many online courses. She has also been part of Rape Crisis Counsellors training workshops as a facilitator and organizer. And she runs Reiki and Life Alignment energy healing workshops.


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