Dr Usui and pupils

What is Reiki?

Usui Reiki is a system of healing and spiritual practice that was developed by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th Century. It is most typically practiced by transmitting energy through the hands.

Dr Mikao Usui 1865 – 1926
Just for today 5 Reiki precepts

How I work

I learnt and use this form of laying on of hands mainly when living in the countryside, many miles from easy access to pharmacies and doctors.

I use it with remarkable and reliable success on small illnesses, injuries, pains and infections. It is a marvelous support to people and animals who are about to go (or trying to avoid going) on the long journey to the doctor or vet in the nearest town, or who would need to wait for most of the day in the local clinic for a few painkillers etc..

And so my best local clients are the people for whom basic medical care is hard to come by – expensive, rudimentary and time-consuming.

I find it helps all conditions, works no miracles (although technically all improvements are small miracles, I suppose), and is a wonder and joy to give and receive.

Because it helps everything, it is extremely important that people take themselves and their pets to get proper medical care if there is any danger of a serious condition, and do not use it as a substitute for possible care.  

It can mask very dangerous and urgent symptoms because of it’s very efficacy.

Online, I love offering this service. If you have a serious chronic condition, I recommend it as a tool for supporting your struggle for health, and for reaching a state of clarity and radiance in a difficult situation. In such situations, please feel welcome to make use of my sliding scale.

It is both historically bound and universal.

It is the universal laying on of hands, or sincere prayer that is available to all living beings.

It is a historically bound spiritual tradition with particular symbols and initiation rituals.

There is a direct lineage of teachers and masters that stretches back to this time and who have passed on the initiation into this compassionate technique up to today.

The specific energy signature is transmitted through initiation and the use of sacred symbols. 

When teaching courses, I follow the traditional structure and techniques, so that the lineage is maintained.  

Reiki is translated as Spiritual Wisdom + energy (Chi). And in this sense it is all embracing, and therefore open to all to use, intuitively, regardless of religion, lineage or initiation.

When working, I believe that this Sacred, gentle technique should be used intuitively, creatively and with both structure and freedom – much like a dance or conversation between giver and receiver.

Cho Ku Rei Symbol