Latest Past Events

Reiki Online Course – Usui level 1

Online Workshop New York City, New York City

Usui Reiki Online Course - level 1   6 – 8 hour participatory workshop Reiki online course with a small group of fellow healers. Come and learn how to use your hands to help people. Learn what Reiki is, and how to use it in harmony with your own natural healing gifts. Practice and confirm ... Read more

The body as the healer – working with heavy energy

Online Workshop New York City, New York City

Participatory Workshop for Energy Healers In this workshop we practice techniques for removing, releasing and transmuting heavy or harmful energy using the body as a healing tool. When you work with the human energy field, you will feel many different kinds of heavy energy in and around the body of your client. This heavy energy ... Read more


Study Energy Healing Online with Life Alignment

Online Workshop New York City, New York City

Study Energy Healing Online Alex Edgar has been a teacher, facillitator, and energy healer for 30 years. Study energy healing online  and earn a qualification in Life Alignment Technique. Kind, accurate and life-changing Help others .  Create  fulfillment with advanced energy healing skills. Study energy healing online Click here to book your place Life Alignment is ... Read more