Reiki Symbol 1. Cho Ku Rei: How to Draw and Say it

Cho Ku Rei – The Power Symbol

Chokurei how to draw and say

This is the first symbol that is taught and often the one that is most used during a Reiki healing session – either directly on the client’s body or during a remote session.

The interpretation/Anglicisation I learnt from my Reiki Master, Leonard Keen, was “I call for 100% power here.” Takata Sensei, one of the early Reiki Masters, who brought Reiki to the West, translated it directly as “Put the [spiritual] power here”.

As you draw the symbol, you recite Cho Ku Rei three times – once for each time you circle back to the vertical line.

Unless you are already speaking a tonal Asian language such as Japanese, or wish to learn it, it best to accept that you are going to pronounce this phrase wrong. Here it is properly pronounced: 直霊 with the tongue tip curled back against the ridge of the palate.

But never mind that. Just say it with the intention to mean “Focus Divine Reiki energy here,” and you’ll be doing the right thing. it’s a good idea to learn to say Cho Ku Rei while drawing the symbol and to practice every day so that it becomes a muscle memory.

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