Energy healing courses: How to unlock mind-blowing intuitive gifts

Online Energy Healing Courses & Workshops

Foundation energy healing course held online in Life Alignment

Study Life Alignment online

Body Spin is the foundation course of Life Alignment. It is one of a series of intensive energy healing courses that empower you to work effectively and precisely with your clients. Out of all the intuitive skillsets you can study, Life Alignment is one of the richest and most useful for helping clients.

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You study online for four days with a short practical follow-up.

The student completes 20 case studies to qualify to work as a Body Spin practitioner. You then go on to study Module 1 of Life Alignment.

All the procedures that you learn in the Body Spin course are foundation skills that you can apply in combination with your existing skills and unique gifts.

They are some of the simplest yet most powerful techniques that Life Alignment practitioners use.

The Foundation course is a the first course you learn. We start to engage with the emotions using our hands and vortex card tools to balance the major and minor chakras.

This gives students time to develop the skills they will need to work with emotions at a more advanced level later on.

Life Alignment energy medicine

Some of the techniques you will study:

  • How to work with the major and minor chakras in the body to bring harmonisation to where it is needed
  • Working with the major body systems as priorities
  • Muscle testing techniques
  • Doing distance work using Body Spin energy tools and techniques
  • How to pendule for accurate guidance
  • Working with emotions as energetic​ phenomena
  • How to stay centered when working

Body Spin is compatible with other techniques such as Reiki, and once it is mastered on its own, it can be combined with them fairly easily.

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Online Reiki Qualification energy healing course

Study Reiki Course Online

Therapeutic touch is a universal human ability. Come and learn this beautiful gentle way to help yourself and others.

Reiki 1 course content

Usui Reiki is a universal system that you can use in harmony with any religious tradition, and with none.

I will arrange follow up practice sessions for students. There are no extra costs for these. They are part of the course.

You are also welcome to resit the course as often as you like, free of charge.

Usui Reiki 1 Standard Course Syllabus

  • The 5 principles and committing to the course
  • Opening meditation
  • Traditional Reiki meditation techniques and initiation
  • What is Reiki?
  • The lineage of Dr Usui and his students
  • Reading the vitality of the client’s body and auric field
  • Dry washing
  • Basic breathing technique for increasing the flow of Reiki
  • How to practice on your own body
  • How to practice on a client
  • Fire cleansing
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Practical energy healing courses and workshops

Short energy healing courses

I offer short practical intensive courses sharing goal-directed tips and techniques to help practitioners develop confidence and efficacy.

These are fun interactive small-group activities with lots of practice and opportunities to talk, give and receive.

It’s like professional development workshops for intuitive helpers and coaches – but there are no webinars, recordings, or passive Zoom learning events! Ever.