How to Reconnect to the Purity of Your Soul

How to reconnect to the purity of your soul. Simple steps to cleanse your energy field and work with the problem of moral and energetic contamination from the world and other people.

How to Reconnect to the Purity of Your Soul: Themes come up in my client’s processes, and they often closely mirror my own struggles. This is partially because of simple pattern recognition in the mind, and partially because we are all connected. We are all healing together.

One theme that has been coming up recently is how to live in that lovely, clean, bright, happy state of high vibes, when the world can be so heavy and dark. Let’s look at how to reconnect with the purity of your soul, when you feel contaminated by the stain of the world.

When people wrong us, it also feels as if they stain us. The self-deception of an intimate partner. The malicious envy of a frenemy. The taint of a betrayal. The miasms that come down from genetic and extended family lines. The horror of a war thousands of kilometers away. The cut and parry of dirty power-struggles at work. There is just so much darkness out there. It has a powerful effect on sensitive people – especially healers and mystics.

I will be walking along minding my own business, and Wham! I am suddenly resonating with sadness, or corruption, or a feeling of moral contamination.

How to Reconnect to the Purity of Your Soul when pain and darkness are constant companions

These feelings may resonate with my own thoughts and issues, echo with heaviness, and hang around over my head like smog over a city. Just as I sit here, writing this blog, a YouTube ad shoves a traumatized child into my home, speaking in panicky tones in a language that I don’t need to understand to feel the horror of it all.

So what do we do with all this? Firstly, how do we process and transmute it? What do we do to become fully present as the pure beautiful souls that we truly are? Ultimately, how to reconnect to the purity of your soul is not a frivolous question. It is a very useful guideline for your spiritual practice.

How to release

1. Deep Spiritual Practice

Unless you are really overworked and stretched, it is possible to make space in your day for a daily spiritual practice.

For instance, you can connect with your Higher Power.

Meditate. Connect with your essential nature.

2. Fast.

Fasting from food raises and purifies your energy without requiring any dedicated intentions to back it up. If possible, a few fasts of a few days each year can really help you brighten your own aura and clear out some of the worldly energies that can drag you down.

3. Clean the house

It is amazing how uplifting a freshly mopped floor can be. This step is a great precursor to anything else you plan to do to to raise your vibes and reconnect to the purity of your soul. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, not as a moral judgement, but simply as a good piece of advice

4. Get to work – this may not be about how to reconnect to the purity of your soul. This may be about being able to reconnect others

If the stains of the world are splattering onto your spiritual senses, you may as well get out your healing tools and start fixing things. This is where being able to dowse or muscle-test is so useful. Because you can figure out what to do, and for whom.

5. Nothing

Trust the river of life to carry you through.

In other words, just be patient and still with your experience of the universe and wait for things to unfold at their own pace.

6. Receive a healing

A good healer can help you to come into harmony and grace with yourself and the world, and help you to access the beauty of Divine help.

Healers need other healers and it is often much faster and more powerful to work with someone else to transmute and transform your relationship with the world. There is no reason to tough it out along every time when there is a whole community out there. And in fact, your process of receiving is also a way of sharing. Therefore, it is beneficial to the entire Collective to clean things up and take your energies to the highest resonances.

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