Manifesting Reality: Interview with Jeff Cloud

13 December 2021

Personal transformation coach, facilitator and author of Waking Up in the Dream

Manifesting reality Jeff Cloud
Jeff Cloud

Jeff Cloud

Teaching the mind to trust

Alex: Moving beyond the idea of lack is one of the issues you often work with. Tell me more about how people can move beyond the state of lack, manifesting reality as abundance.

Jeff: It really comes down to beliefs. 

Sometimes, in the beginning, we’ve got to trick our belief system, because the mind doesn’t have the evidence of abundance just flowing to us easily. 

I used to be a bartender, before I had my recording studios. And the way that bartenders in the United States make money is on tips. They get paid a minimum wage, but it’s not enough to survive on, so then you rely on tips.

So when we receive the check or a bill in a restaurant or a bar, usually we assess: Was the service good? Were our drinks on time? Was our food good? this whole checklist… Which, if you think about it, is really just baloney.

 So I realized that I was spending so much time deciding how much I was going to give, and that that the reason I was doing that, the root cause of this habit of assessment, was lack.

 Because if I had a bunch of money, and I believed I had enough, I would just tip the waitress double. Then I just decided, “Okay, so how are you going to shift this old pattern?”

Well, you’re going to start giving away more! You’re going to start proving to the universe that you trust in it. And so anytime I had a question about how much my waiter or waitress was worth – because usually you tip 10 or 15%, I’m going to automatically double or triple it. Just start giving it away. 

When you’re giving, you’re giving to yourself

And then I adopted this phrase, which is” “ When you give, you have already received.” You’re actually giving to yourself. Because in ultimate reality, we are all one. We just split up into all these different beings, so we can play this game. But in reality, there’s only one. So when you’re giving, you’re giving to yourself. 

So in the beginning, for me, it was just a matter creating a new habit. Every time I noticed myself feeling unsure if I had enough to give, then I would give and strengthen that giving muscle, so to speak. 

It’s very beautiful. But it’s interesting also, because it’s a specific kind of giving. It’s not giving out of a sense of lack. It is giving out of a sense of abundance.

Yes. Because we are walking magnets. And this is really key to manifesting a reality that resonates with your dreams and desires. 

I do my best to simplify everything in this book, which is based on three key concepts.

  1.  We are walking magnets, whether we are aware of it or not. 
  2. And what attracts our timelines to us, is our thoughts, our words, our beliefs, and then the frequency or vibration that we put behind that, as a yes! 
  3. And then I see anything I desire, and I feel it is already here now. 

Manifesting reality in the here and now

Never manifest your reality in the future. Never want, never wish, never hope, never need. Never trying. 

Those are weak spell words. They are spells. They tell the subconscious: “It’s still not here yet.”

This is the one thing they didn’t put in the movie, The Secret. It was a good movie, but they didn’t tell you the one thing. You must see it as already here. Now. It’s done. 

And sometimes in the beginning, you may need to trick your subconscious because your subconscious might go, “Well. It’s not here and you’re just doing this because Jeff told you to try and do it.” 

 I have everybody name their ego. So they can really begin to see the programs that it runs, because it always runs control and safety. Trying to be safe and trying to have a false sense of control. When you can see that, you can see what your ego does. I named my ego Larry. He was the judge, fear-based lack, shame, guilt, worry, doubt all the 3d stuff, all the separation programs. And then I started to identify him and I’m like, okay, Larry, we’re going to get you to shift from over here on this shoulder to over here. And we’re going to start having fun. 

Because we don’t need to protect ourselves any more. We’re not in danger. Life is meant to be fun. 

Imagination without limitation

Little kids create from an unlimited imagination. Very few people tap into the idea of being unlimited. Unlimited. We really are unlimited beings. 

Children, before they get their imagination squashed in school, have no limitations. It doesn’t even enter their mind. They go, I’m flying on a rocket ship, I’m going to travel to the moon. I’m hanging out with the fairies and the dragons. They never even doubt it. Until somebody comes and tells them, that’s not possible. And then they get indoctrinated. And they get taught what to think, instead of how to manifest. 

So this whole process is about going in reverse. Getting back to being playful, like a little child. And that’s what I play with. 

Every day I speak to my cells. Every morning, I wake up. I start loving on my these trillions of cells, because they’re all consciously aware, I smile. I drop in. It raises my frequency, I do some deep breathing, until my mind’s clear and I’m in zero point. And then I create my day, my reality. Boom. And it’s life changing. It’s completely life changing. 

“Most people are running the same thoughts all day long.”

Healing the wound that is manifesting reality as limited and painful

As a facilitator of the 30 Day Transformation Course, I get to observe people go through that every month. And it’s a wonderful process. But the first part is inner healing. If you don’t do that, then you can do all the affirmations you want. but if you don’t go in and clear, the inner wound of lack, shame, guilt, separation, or whatever it is is still going to be running the programme. Your magnet is going to be magnetizing people, relationships or events which hold the same energy as your inner wound. 

But it’s the thing that is a lie, that most people believe, is that they think it’s really difficult to heal.

It’s not. It’s instant. Most people are just afraid because they don’t know how to do it. And they don’t want to admit that there’s anything to heal. Because if they admit that, then it makes them feel like they’re all messed up. So they just kind of bury it. And then they distract themselves in life doing the best they can, like we’ve all done. 

I’ve done it, you know? But first I had to realize that I was angry. I was upset. And I needed to go in and heal the wounds of when my father died. And of when I had two stepfather’s – just the stuff that happened on my soul contract. 

But if people are open to doing the healing, the process happens so quickly.

Fast and effective change

That’s why my course isn’t three months, or six months or a year. It’s 30 days. And we rock it. And it really works. 

It took me it took me a couple years to really get my confidence, so I could come out and say “I don’t know of anything that works faster, and completely shifts the way that you see, experience and manifest your entire reality. Completely.”

Because most people are running the same 50 to 80,000 thoughts all day long. Very little changes. And about 80% of these thoughts, that are running through people’s minds all day, are negative. 

We’re undoing all this. Right now. 

Planetary consciousness is changing

It’s a very exciting time, because all these wonderful energies are coming in to assist everybody on the planet. Everybody’s starting to agree. You can see the timeline starting to happen. People are getting the insight that we’re doing bad things. And it’s happening right now. So, what an incredible time to be alive.

Yes. That’s such a nice perspective. There’s such a feeling of gloom when I look at how people are seeing the present. You know, with the environmental crisis, and so on.

Television is feeding all of that. There’s no climate crisis. Every single thing. If it’s on the television, it’s a lie. Period. 100% twisted inversion to keep you in fear. To keep you in judgment. Republican versus Democrat, White lives matter. It’s all to keep your frequency low.

There is an unrealistic emphasis on danger. It’s a beautiful day outside.

And so you should try to surround yourself with people that are holding a positive outlook. Understand that your frequency and your vibration is going to attract whatever you’re attracting into your life. 

  Alex: It’s true. 

 Jeff: It’s a law.

Alex: And it’s socially contagious as well. You know, when you’re surrounded by people who are manifesting reality as uplifting and beautiful, we live in that reality too. And your reality bounces off and affects everyone around you.

Heart-based emotions

People can feel a heart-based emotion like excitement, or kindness or playfulness or imagination.

That’s our intuition. That’s our internal guidance system. 

So when we surround ourselves with people that are using the law, to create and manifest their ideal reality, then we all uplift and inspire each other. So that’s what’s poppin’ like popcorn right now all around the planet.

The insights that we are discussing now are key. They are truly life changing. I talk about these key points, in a way, very passionately, to really encourage people.

Identifying and inverting the programmes

It also helps enormously to write down little certain statements or questions such as, “What is the gift this is trying to show me?” Anytime they have a judgment, or a trigger or reaction. 

Because it’s always about us. It’s never about the person out there. And that’s the trick. That’s the hologram, which is inverted. 

Unless somebody is physically assaulting you in the room, then, of course, get out. But nobody should be able to trigger you with their words, unless you believe and take it personally.

So I have a process where people actually have to track every thought, and every word all day long. I mean, we’re not going to catch them all. But every time they have a trigger, I have them record the negative thought with a clicker. And they start to keep track of every time they have a judgment, trigger, fear, and then they fill it out on a very simple sheet every night, right before they go to bed. And they identify what came up for them that day. So they start to see the program they have been running.

 And they just start to go,” Oh my God. I had no idea that these automatic programs were just running over and over based on my belief system. Which is not even my own.” Beliefs aren’t even ours.

Changing your life

That changes your life. It changed my life.

Alex: So what you’re doing is a conscious awakening process in which people are consciously engaging with their thought patterns? From being asleep and indoctrinated to being awake, and clear in truth and integrity. That’s really what it is?

Jeff: And then understanding that you will attract what you believe and how you tell your story.

 The thing that so many people do is they talk about what they don’t like, because they want to explain what they’re going through. And that’s okay, to a certain extent.

What is the gift?

You’ve got to go, “Okay, what is the gift here? What’s the gift? What is the reason why I created this for myself on my soul’s journey?” Because if I don’t get it this time, I’m gonna have to come back around again. And the soul is very patient. It’ll wait a week, 100 years or a million lifetimes. Because there is no such thing as time. 

Seeing everything as a gift is the fastest way of releasing the habit of taking things personally, and feeling like the universe is doing something bad to you.

No, you’re doing it to you. You are doing everything to you. 

Now I’m not saying that nothing is random or that things never happen to people. 

But I do understand to the best of my knowledge, how our reality is created through our thoughts and our words and our vibration, and how we tell our story along with our beliefs. 

The book

When I began to put together what became the book,  Waking Up in the Dream, I was never gonna write a book. I was living in a recording studio. I had no business writing a book. 

I just started waking up really late at night. And I would write things down so as not to forget. 

And this was after apprenticing with Don Miguel Ruiz for 10 years. I was his recording engineer at that time. So everywhere he went to speak, I would record it, and I got to listen back to it. He didn’t really teach like I teach. 

In my course, we work through three steps:

  1. First, your inner healing.
  2. Dismantle the belief system.
  3. Consciously create your reality. 

Retraining the mind

We do this first thing every morning, and then set alarms on your phone every hour. So you can come back and be reminded as many times through the day to check in with yourself, “Where’s my frequency right now? Am I excited? Happy? Am I grateful? Or am I in the future? The past? Am I not happy? Am I being in judgment?” Whatever may be going on for you in that moment. 

That’s how you begin to track, and be aligned more and more and more throughout the day. 

And as you see that begin to magnetize that which you desire. Then you realise, “This is what I should be doing every day. This is what everybody should be doing. Why didn’t they teach us this in school?” 

Why didn’t they teach us this?

Because they wanted us to spend 65 years working in a slave system. So we could become another spell word, re-tired, re to recycle, tired – you know what that means? That’s not a mistake. They made this stuff up. So all this is coming to the light right now. We’re going to dismantle the school system, the government system, the medical system, science. Everything that was inverted is imploding right now. 

So this unless somebody shows me a better, faster system, this is it. And I feel weird saying that, because it makes me feel like an egotist. But I’m not the only guy. It’s just that this is the fastest thing I’ve ever found.

 I’ve spent over $100,000, taking courses, and three day seminars in LA and Las Vegas, in Sedona, in San Diego. I’ve done all this stuff. 

I bought every spiritual book that was a New York Times bestseller, from Wayne Dyer to Esther Hicks – everything. 

 And none of them taught me how to go in and do this so quickly. When we take a young child, and we begin to teach them: What an emotion is. What an emotional trigger is, and why you have them. What your belief system is, and how to create your ideal reality. Then they don’t need to go to second grade, and so on. They don’t need to learn all this stuff. That wasn’t even true. 

We can just teach them to do what they love to do. What they came here to do. And this is how you do it. End of story.

Qualified for what?

You don’t need to go to school for 12 or 16 years, and the extra four years to buy a piece of paper to get into the club.

Ja. And then they change the paperwork you need, and then you’ve got to study all over again, just to prove you can do what you can already do.

Oh, yeah, and then they tell you, if you want to be in the American Medical Association, you cannot prescribe anything natural. It’s as if you must swear to only prescribe pharmaceuticals, which are all unnatural. And they’re all toxic. That’s what you have to do to get into the Rockefellers’ American Medical Association. 

Alex: It is due for a clean-up. That’s for sure. 

Jeff: It’s happening.

 I worked recently with someone in the medical profession. And we actually had to clear the energy of the moral shadow of her profession. There is a light to it, and a shadow of course, but the shadow was quite polluting. It was quite intense, and I was quite shocked at the taint of it. I mean, we all know that it doesn’t really work in all sorts of ways. So it is naturally going to be flawed. But I was surprised by the depth of the taint.

Manifesting reality through agreement

There is a larger process at work which we can feel.

I hear people out there saying, “Oh my god, can you feel the energy? I feel the same energy every day. You can feel it in your body. But it isn’t necessarily what we think it might be.

So you will see people on Facebook and social media building a consensus on what they are feeling. Which is okay, because that’s what is accelerating the shift. 

But for me personally, I don’t know if it really is based on astrology and this date or that date, or anything outside of that consensus. People will agree online that there’s supposed to be this massive shift over the next two weeks, because of astrology.

 I believe it is going to happen simply because we’re all agreeing on it. And the more that I see people agree on things, that faster the timeline seem to come into our reality.

Astrology and tarot

Alex: I generally tend to be sceptical about astrology. But then every now and then, it comes up for a client and their whole reality shifts during the session. So then I think, there’s definitely something to this. It’s got a particular vibration. It definitely is one of the many things that affects us. So it is there. But I also don’t focus on it. I kind of let it be itself without investigating further.

Jeff: Yes, my take is, if I can’t prove it, then I don’t know. I see people doing tarot cards, and they’re like, “I’m gonna do a reading for the first month of the year. And I’m like, I’ve nothing against it. It could be great. But how could somebody else tell me anything about my history, my reality, or anything just by pulling a random card?

Alex: I suppose there’s a tension between causality and freedom. Between being part of a larger collective in which, you are just part of a whole. And manifesting reality as a free being, not determined by those things.

Yes, it is good to be open. But I’ve also seen decks of cards where every card was positive. So I’m like, well, that’s great…, 

It’s like getting your horoscope read. My horoscope has never been right one single time. 

I was born in January, so supposedly I’m Aquarian. But if you look at Vedic Astrology, which has been around way longer, I’m not Aquarian. I’m in a whole different framework. So all that stuff is just somebody’s opinion that they’re just putting out there. 

Doing what works

For me, I bring it all back to frequency, vibration, imagination and belief. I appreciate things that work. And I find that this approach works.

Because I spent 40 years trying out all these things that didn’t really work. Being excited for me, is the highest frequency. Being excited is the highest frequency that I know of.

How to study with Jeff

Do you offer your course online or in person?

I’m doing everything in video calls. I do that and then I do two or three Facebook Livestreams a week. Every live stream, I give all the tools away. I don’t hold anything back. But certain people may struggle to see their programs. They may need somebody to mirror them. Because as soon as I get on a call with somebody, in five minutes, I know exactly what the wound is and what their issue is. Because they tell me. It’s always a wound, and then their belief system follows from that. Always in that order. It’s really easy when you … I guess, just pay attention to it.

Do people come to you to develop abundance, or do people also come for physical healing?

They come to me for everything. But I don’t claim to be a healer. I don’t think anybody can heal you but you. I don’t think we have the right to heal somebody else. Because it might not be part of their soul journey or soul contract yet.

And also, for you. it’s about agency and responsibility and freedom for the individual?

I’m giving you the tools to do it. Totally. Because that’s true self empowerment.

Conscious awareness

What you’re saying seems very similar to what Joe Dispenza says. You’ve actually undergone a very similar journey to him?

Oh, I love Joe Dispenza. I’ve studied him for years, and also Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden. Those are the three main guys. And then you can go backwards in time a little bit to Wayne Dyer, and, you know, a bunch of people. I actually probably watched two hours of his stuff yesterday. And, in fact, it’s still up on my computer on one of my tabs, because he talks about healing and abundance. And yes, it’s really good stuff. 

To me, conscious awareness is the only game in town. If you’re not aware of what you’re imprinting on to the holographic vibrational field, then you’re just running on automatic pilot. And you need to be able to see what automatic pilot is first, so you can see the program that you are running. That’s why I wrote a chapter in my book around judgment. 

Judgment is the biggest addiction on the planet by far. Way bigger than drugs and alcohol. Judgment is based in anything that either triggers your unhealed wound, or challenges your belief system. The majority of people go into automatic reaction. They get triggered right away. Yes, it’s true.

This means that they have to re-experience it over and over. So I’m excited to get this out to more people with the book.

Changing the program

You teach people how to change the programming, to deprogram themselves. So it’s like a de-programming program?

We’re all running programs. Waking up in the morning and consciously creating our reality; that’s a program too. Its just that that’s a program based on love, abundance, and who we are as sovereign divine beings. 

Our ability to programme got hijacked, so the majority of people are running: lack, scarcity, fear, doubt, and other negative programs. I teach people how to run programs of conscious awareness.

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