Life Alignment Energy Medicine

Life Alignment is not just a healing technique but a journey of discovery of our true purpose.
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What is Life Alignment?

Life Alignment is a system of energy healing developed by Dr Jeff Levin. A complex decision tree is combined with muscle testing to guide the treatment, along with emotional catharsis and reframing.

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The technique is neither affiliated with nor contrary to any religion. It is a essentially a tool for facilitation, no matter what the beliefs of either the client or the practitioner. However, it is a spiritual process in that it brings the causal and spiritual bodies into integration with the mental, emotional, etheric, and physical bodies.

No faith or buy-in to any ideology or idea of what is real is required of either the practitioner or the client. What is required is a suspension of disbelief, a willingness to work with deep emotional processes, viscerally, symbolically and imaginatively, and the desire to change on some level.

It was created, channeled, and brought to us through Jeff Levin, a gifted healer, who began to teach this technique in 1992. Since then, the technique continues to develop and grow in many different countries across the globe. It is now taught and practiced in approximately 25 countries.

As I understand the history of healing, energy and spiritual healing has traditionally been associated with gifted or saintly people, or with specific religions. The recipient is dependent on a source of Grace from outside for transformation.

In this technique, the client is guided into the source of his or her pain, and helped to transform this shadow-self into an integrated whole – connected, cleared, and largely conscious of precisely how this change was brought about.

In other words, the client experiences Grace directly. The client gets to hold and manifest the wonder of healing for themselves, while the practitioner facilitates and witnesses the process, with lots of help from above and a very complex to-do list. (We have many charts.) 

Life Alignment can help with finding balance in life, raising the vibration of your home, restoring health and vitality to the body, and opening your mind to new perspectives and realities.

The way we work

The practitioner complexes the priority point with body points, organs and systems, subtle bodies, chakras, or emotional issues as needed. This is all guided and confirmed through dowsing with a pendulum or by muscle testing. In other words, she creates a circuit between different parts of the body, and between the mind, heart and soul.

The priority point is the first point that we need to work on.

She connects relevant information with this circuit through tapping in or entering at the top of the head. 

Before we do the session, whatever we are working on will weaken your field. It may also carry a strong negative emotional charge. It is a trigger for feeling out of harmony with yourself and the world you live in.

For example, we may tap in a particular time period (“When I was 11“), place (“At primary school“), and person (“My History teacher“).

Once all the information has been tapped in, the client  is guided into the ‘soap opera’. In other words, she re-experiences the negative and unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and memories of that specific time and place. 

These unpleasant memories come up because they are still locked into her body’s memory today. The priority for her personal growth is to enable her to integrate and heal them. So she can move forward freely.

At the end of the session, the trigger words, memories and body points do not weaken the energy field. They no longer cause you to move out of balance and harmony in your thoughts, feelings and bioenergetic field.