Saving your own life

One of the reasons why self-healing is so necessary is because of the gaps and problems with science-based mainstream medicine.

Of course our bodies are not perfect, and of course mainstream medicine is a wonderful, life-saving blessing for humanity.

Where it falls short is not just in the spiritual understanding and an understanding of energy healing, but also in the area of diet and lifestyle.

Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and all 200 of the auto-immune diseases that have been identified so far, respond directly and necessarily to diet and lifestyle changes. To that you can add eczema and a host of other inflammatory conditions.

Naturopathic roots of self-healing

I studied Naturopathy back in the 1990s. I remember reading claims like this and feeling a little sceptical. It just seemed too good to be true. So absolute! So unqualified! In both senses.

But half a lifetime later, I can say with certainty that all of this is quite true. Reliably so, for the most part.

The sad truth is that you will not learn how to heal many of your chronic pain and life threatening illnesses in any conventional doctor’s office. And will never. Until the medical profession incorporates the simple truths that naturopaths have been sharing for free for a hundred years or so at least.

This is tragic, because people, quite reasonably, listen to medical authority. So knowing how to help people heal is heartbreaking. They choose the pills over and over again. Dying slowly and painfully, while the cure is sitting there in their own kitchen, literally within reach. Virtually free, and actually quite easy.

The new viral trend (I hope)

There is hope that medical science will catch up eventually and start applying these simple methods to help people heal. Just start exploring on YouTube and you will find pioneers.

Like Dr Terry Wahls, Dr Eric Berg, Dr Ken Berry, Dr Sarah Myhill, Dr Jason Fung, Prof. Tim Noakes, Dr David Unwin, Dr Alan Goldhamer, Prof. Robert Lustig, and many many more. I’m just listing the people who have had the biggest impact on me personally. As well as individuals who have shared their own healing journeys. Michaela Peterson helped me enormously.

self-healing through diet

My Own Experience

I have been having mysterious symptoms since about the age of 14. Pretty much the classic chronic picture of various kinds of inflammation, malaise and fatigue that fit both for auto-immune issues and/or ME.

Never received a diagnosis. Been too sick to work quite often.

And been extremely healthy quite often too. Mainly due to self-healing. So long as I stick to this kind of food, lose weight, and keep my spiritual house in order. Mainstream foods and lifestyles just don’t work for me.

I am extremely lucky not to have had a diagnosis and been handed a bunch of pills and told to carry on as normal. If I had done so, I do not believe I would be alive today. And if I was, I would be a bloated miserable ball of pain, depression and disability.

For me personally, piles of meat and getting my weight right down are both essential for recovery. For you, the path may be different.

A call to action

If you are chronically ill with any of these conditions of modern humanity (diabetes, obesity etc, and inflammatory diseases), I suggest you start listening to some of the doctors I list above. There are plenty of links to explore, and lots of ideas for your first steps towards wellness. Nobody can walk it for you. Clean out your fridge and start getting yourself well.

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