Home Alignment

Our dwellings are symbols of who we are in the world, but they also have their own histories and blockages that may need a house clearing, cleansing or house blessing.  

All the great faiths have traditions of house blessing. The religious path you and your family follow is your own affair. A home alignment can facilitate the process of helping you ask for blessings for your house in alignment with your own faith and path.

Less well-known, but just as important is that you and your dwelling need to get in sync with one another, with all the residents, the surrounds, and the broader purpose of the building as a home, business, sanctuary, or holding place.

It can take several hours to do a full balance, and there are at least two face-to-face sittings and balances on the clients themselves. So this option is only really practical if you live in Cape Town or the surrounds.

This alignment and clearing technique requires a site map of the building to be balanced, as well as signatures, photographs or hair samples of the residents of the house, including pets. the advantage of using a site map is that much of the work can be done at a distance, and some of it is more easily done at this scale.

However, a full house clearing and recalibration is not always needed.

Sometimes a shorter session can be done to work specifically on earth energies, electro-magnetic stress, or unwanted negative energies. See below for a few of the specific issues that these land and house energy-clearing techniques can be used for.

Clearing old vibes and baggage

Old Cape Town buildings and land can hold a lot of history, and some of it really doesn’t need to linger.
Trauma, negative or fearful thought-patterns, confused ghosts, or simply bad human habits can stain the fabric of your house or office, so that particular rooms and areas hold heavy or uncomfortable vibrations.
Life Alignment Technique has tools that can help shift the old and make space for fresh energy to flow.

Transmuting geopathic and electromagnetic stress

Geopathic stress: Geopathic stress is stress caused to living creatures due to earth energies that are out of balance, polluted, toxic or distorted.

Electromagnetic pollution: Electromagnetic radiation that is harmful or stressful to living beings, and that lower, clutter and distort the energy of areas of land.

As we humans fill the available space on the planet, and take over the airwaves with cell-phone towers, WI-fi, power pylons, low frequency sound waves, cement and metals, so our buildings become subject to multiple energetic stressors. 

A skilled practitioner can identify and remedy many of these geopathic and electromagnetic stressors. It may be recommended that you invest in vortex cards which can shift the energy in the building and protect the inhabitants from negative external energies.

In Cape Town, we are blessed with Table Mountain, a major energy centre for the earth. If you are lucky enough to have a house that lies on an earth energy line (or ley line) radiating from  the mountain, it is worth raising the vibration of the energy as it moves through your home and beyond.

Creating an intention for the home space and clearing blockages

We use our homes to create and hold our personal realms. Home Alignment can guide and facilitate bringing your dwelling into alignment with the needs and dreams of the people and other creatures who live there.

It is important that the beings that belong in a house are welcomed and blessed, and that those that should leave (whether from the couch, the compost bin, or the attic) are evicted with blessings and good wishes for the road.

The technique can help you to clear the baggage that you and your family bring to the area yourselves, and help your home to nourish, express and contain all it’s inhabitants.