Love & the Crown Chakra Guided Alignment



The crown chakra channels Divine light into our lives. It is where we connect to our own souls, and to God (insert favourite name here) most deeply.

This is the chakra you activate in moments of enlightenment, religious ecstasy and mystical union.

So how does love manifest through the crown chakra? Here love connects to its essential universal nature – beyond self, unboundaried, infinite, free and absolutely pure.

We keep our chakras healthy and active by thinking correctly and having clear feelings. We literally twist our energy field out of shape when we think thoughts that are not in integrity or alignment with the truth.

So to work with the crown is to work with the thoughts that relate to these universal themes.  Beyond the self and the ego, to work with surrender, and with Divine guidance.

The crown chakra plus-size African woman joyfully embracing the sun with her arms outstretchedAnd at the same time to work on being fully physical and embodied, rather than escaping into bliss in place of everyday reality.

If these themes speak to you, this is the session to book.

How do we work with the crown chakra?

How do we work? We work synergistically with your subtle energy field, thoughts and emotions. We connect to guides, angels, animal guides, elementals, flowers, crystals, symbols, myths and stories, ancestors, your own body and your personal history.

This is about aligning, transforming and healing, so be prepared to work with negative emotions and old scars.

Please get ready beforehand so that we can work deeply. Set up a safe space to process, have water and tissues not too far from your  hand, and give yourself time afterwards to integrate the shifts.

Sometimes, some people have over-active crown chakras. They find it difficult to ground, and function in everyday life and are over-distracted by the world of Spirit and Mysticism.  This is sometimes a necessary stage, but should not go on for too long. It is important to balance and be able to connect to both everyday and mystical reality.  In such cases, the crown chakra needs to come into harmony with the energy field as a whole.

About Alex and Annari

We are both naturally intuitive and use a wide variety of energy-healing tools and techniques to help you. We use Reiki, the Life Alignment technique, crystals, flower essences, angels, animal guides, quantum healing, sound healing, and EFT, as well as other techniques.

We wish to guide you on your own journey into your own life’s wonder, not simply report back to you what we sense.

Once we have received payment, we will contact you and set up an appointment on Zoom or Skype for your session.

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