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Healing from a Toxic Workplace

Working in a toxic workplace – we put our hearts and souls on the line and yet the more we invest, the more vulnerable we become to bad vibes and intentions.

Working with humanity on shared goals and aspirations in a professional context brings its own challenges and frustrations.

When you get toxic managers, colleagues and direct-reports or toxic organizational cultures, or impossible-to-reconcile goals and needs…

All these aspects of a toxic workplace take a heavy toll on you as a caring and complete human being.

Sometimes, it is best to acknowledge that you are in an abusive relationship, and to start your exit process. Sometimes, things may be salvageable. Autocrats may be overthrown, or gently placed where they can do no further harm. Messed up systems can be nudged, or minimized.

In my personal experience, when a workplace is toxic, it takes prolonged deep thought, rumination and processing to reach the point of taking right action.

So let’s work together at a deeper level. Lets peek under the hood and see what the vibes are, what the possible spiritual lessons or blessings may be, and what possible choices feel like.

We may get to shift some of the heaviness or darkness for you and for others.

Of course you may want to see the good in those around them and minimize the badness.  Perhaps a reading will reveal an unacknowledged corruption or ill will.

On the other hand,  you may be so focussed on self-protection that the good needs to be remembered and seen, even in people and situations where the bad seems to be winning each time.

I may be validating, or I may also be challenging. We may have different feelings of what is going on. What I can promise is that I will be present for you in your struggle for understanding, happiness and peace.

Just sensing into the space with all our senses, and with companionship along the way is beneficial.

About Alex and Annari

We are both naturally intuitive and use a wide variety of energy-healing tools and techniques to help you. We use Reiki, the Life Alignment technique, crystals, flower essences, angels, animal guides, quantum healing, sound healing, and EFT, as well as other techniques.

We wish to guide you on your own journey into your own life’s wonder, not simply report back to you what we sense.

Once we have received payment, we will contact you and set up an appointment on Zoom or Skype for your session.


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