Interview with Kim Platzer-Sowter

Clairvoyant and Business Coach

Kim is a business consultant and coach. She is also a spiritual coach and a talented and compassionate clairvoyant. She loves to help people be their authentic selves and transcend whatever may be weighing them down in their lives and uses her gifts to offer insight and support for her clients. Visit her at her website The Business Success Clairvoyant, to read more, book a session, or get a free download of her Essential Blueprint to Creating a Successful Business.

Two paths, one calling

You’ve got the clairvoyant path on the one hand, and the business consultant aspect of your work on the other. So what inspired you to combine these two? And when did you start off on each of these paths?

I’ve been a clairvoyant, all my life, but working professionally, probably from my early 20’s. And then it was more to do helping people with whatever was happening for them at that time. But over the years, I found that I do attract a lot of business people whose questions or primary questions are relating back to business. So that’s what let me into assisting specifically for entrepreneurial and creatives . And that is how it flowed from the clairvoyance into what it is today. 

Listen to your inner truth

How would you sum up your calling in your work? What lies at the heart of it?

The why behind it is really my ability of clairvoyance. So it isn’t something I asked for. It’s something that exists within me. It’s about being able to utilize that to assist other people as well as myself to overcome what I term the illusions in life and to really listen to their own inner truth. Not just listen to mainstream society, or mainstream really, in terms of always telling you, you have to sort of pigeonhole yourself, or you have to please other people before yourself. Really going beyond the illusion, and right back into the core of who that person is, is really why I do what I do. 

Helping people to overcome whatever is needed. This can often can be health conditions, or even just day to day worry. The heaviness and the worry that we carry through stress. Because we’re trying to fit into a mold that just doesn’t suit us.

Really just going back to the basics, I guess, is what drives me.

Being clairvoyant

Tell me more about being a clairvoyant. How do you pick up information? What is your experience of that process?

Clairvoyance is really my primary sense. Which means that I have inner sight and external sight beyond the physical. So for example, if I’m looking at somebody, I can choose to look at the energies surrounding them. And also at what that represents. This tells me a number of different things such as their personality traits, things that they’ve been thinking… All sorts of things. So the Clairvoyant aspect really cuts through the fabric of the game, that illusion, or sometimes facade, that we all have, in order to get to that real depth of the person, which is what I love about this work. For me, the clairvoyance is also about myself as well. So its also about being able to help myself. As I’ve work with my client, I work with myself as well. 


What kind of self-care do you need to do to be able to hold the space for this kind of work?

Self care as you know, is very important.

I think a lot of the time when we hear the word self care or self nurture, we tend to think, “Oh, yeah, sounds lovely.” But it just goes in one ear and out the other. 

Self-care is a necessity. So for me, it can be often simply be about making sure you have a space in the day where you just shut out the world. And you allow yourself just to be. That’s not even necessarily a meditation process. It could just be sitting in the garden, and listening to the sounds or just blanking your mind out. Just sort of allowing yourself to defrag. It’s really important, I think, for everyone to do that. 

And I don’t think we do enough of it to be honest. 

By taking time out in this way, you really find that, funnily enough, whether it is a spiritual gift, or everybody has it, When you give yourself that time out, and then you do step back into the world, your senses are heightened. Your intuition is heightened. Because you’ve allowed yourself just to clear, clear the vessel. So yes, to me, that’s really important.

Transcend your challenges

What spiritual truth, do you wish more people knew?

 I think it’s basically, really not just hearing it, but really knowing, that everybody has the ability to transcend whatever challenge is occurring in life. 

And also that we need to transcend everything that you might see on the news. If you just rely on the media for your view on what is happening, the weight and the heaviness of what you are seeing and hearing can be overwhelming. You think, “what’s the point in going on?” So I guess my answer is just to transcend everything that’s around you and to realize the truth is within, and it doesn’t have to be negative and heavy. 

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