Cho Ku Rei Spiritual meaning

Direct Access to Divine Source

Cho Ku Rei Spiritual meaning: When we use the Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, it is usually fairly directly.We use the power symbol to increase and focus the flow of Reiki energy into a particular area. We can also use it on ourselves to focus the flow through a particular part of the practitioner’s body – for example through the palms of the hands. You can even infuse the power symbol into a song, or your gaze.

It is also a good standard practice for beginner practitioners to always use this symbol at the start of a session, This will help you to tune in and channel Reiki.

The first Reiki symbol has a long heritage and a deep spiritual meaning. When you know its deeper meaning it helps you to access the pureness and power of this healing lineage.

There are various spiritual and religious schools that use this symbol – Cho Ku Rei. Some people read the same same pictographs differently. They pronounce the phrase: naohi or naoto (according to google translate).

The words mean literally direct and spirit.

Masahisa Goi and Chokurei

Frans Stiene, a Reiki Master in Holland writes that you can use the symbol as a mantra or activator for connecting to one’s true self.

He quotes Masahisa Goi, (1916 to 1980). Masahisa Goi founded the Shūkyō Hōjin Byakkō Shinkōkai Shinto sect. This sect emphasises world peace and the common ground of all religion. These ideas are both central doctrines of the older Omoto lineage.

“The term chokurei 直霊. Choku (直) means ‘direct and rei (霊) means ‘spirit’. Chokurei is the light emanating directly from God to from the origin of humanity. Chokurei could be translated as ‘God in the human world,’ ‘Direct Spirit,” or ‘Divine Self.’” – From Masahisa Goi’s book, “God and Man, Guideposts for Spiritual Peace and Awakening”

“People who need not to be reborn into the physical world have experienced the awareness that human beings are one with God, and that awareness is manifested through their actions. Since they are unified with their original, divine Self. [the expression used for divine Self is Choku Rei 直霊]” – From Masahisa Goi’s book, “God and Man, Guideposts for Spiritual Peace and Awakening”

“There I encountered my own divine spirit [Choku Rei 直霊] ” – From Masahisa Goi’s book, “Living Like the Blue Sky – 5 talks by Masahisa Goi

I would also add that it can be used to create a direct connection with God. As in – I call for God’s presence here (in this moment, in my consciousness, in my body, in whatever you are working on at that time.) You can use any word for God that you feel comfortable, or Divine source. The goal is to work with anything that your mind feels comfortable with. Try to focus on the connection when you are working with the power symbol. Don’t drawn into an intellectual debate in your head.

I hope this gives you more insight into the Cho Ku Rei spiritual meaning.

The next step

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Sources: Article by Frans Stiene Deeper Insights Into Choku Rei 直霊 (Nao Hi)

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