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What is energy healing online? Energy healing online is working with a healer through an online video call or distantly just with a photo and email.
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Energy Healing Online

Energy healing online has really taken off since the COVID lockdown, but it is based on a tradition that is as old as humanity.

What is healing?

What is healing? It is a restoration of wholeness and integrity. The word “heal” has the same root as the word “whole”. So it is creating, mending, or rediscovering wholeness.

What is Energy Healing Online? It is the process of helping a person to come back into integrity, while working with the human subtle bodies, meridians and chakras to help this to happen holistically, incorporating mind, body, and soul. We do our work online and work with people around the world.

In holistic care the central principle is to integrate your body, mind and spirit so that energy and awareness become blissful, aligned, and synchronised.

This in turn enables a return to physical and mental well-being.

And it is a process. The outcome is not certain or fully in our control.

We use two main modalities onlineReiki and Life Alignment – using intuition and listening deeply for the needs of the client.

Why online? Online is simply easier. If you can, I recommend finding a healer near you, but this is not always practical or affordable. Working online makes things much easier for both client and practitioner.

Why get energy healing online?

What is the benefit of seeing a healer, or booking an energy healing online session?

Sometimes it helps to simply receive.

Sometimes it helps to have a safe space to explore what is holding you back.

Effort isn’t always enough on its own, and sometimes our intentions just don’t seem to gain enough traction to bring about meaningful change.

This is when seeing a healer can be so helpful and supportive.

Healers do not heal – they enable you to accept the flow of presence and compassion that is always available to all of us. They help you to see clearly, so that you connect to Divine Light. And to feel clearly. So that you can become aware of Divine Love. They help you to act clearly so that you can feel Divine Goodness.

These are all experiences that the body responds to positively, as does the mind and heart.

Booking a session in any kind of vibrational medicine technique is about receiving pure and compassionate love and support by connecting with a high state of awareness.

It is also about receiving what you need to liberate yourself. It is not always easy to get out of old decisions and entanglements that not longer serve you, and that cause you suffering and pain.

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Can we heal you?

Can we heal your illness?

Maybe – maybe not

The answer is “Maybe, yes, but don’t count on it.”

In other words, there is no need to chuck your medication in the bin to prove that you have faith in miracles. Please don’t. This is both dangerous and a misapplication of your ability to manifest self-restoration through will and clarity. You can read more about the dangers here:

On the other hand, liberation from attachment to what we think of as our reality – our biographical trauma, our miredness in an ugly world… This can bring miracles with it.

But personally, I would much rather work with someone to honour the end of life’s journey than as the last straw clutched at by a person who feels like they are drowning.

I believe that vibrational medicine can help people to live life more fully. It is not meant to be a substitute for modern medicine, which is incredibly good at saving lives. That is not its best use.

Remission and awakening

“My own spontaneous remission and spiritual awakening is what set me on this path. I experienced an awakening and a remission in my own illness as one and the same thing. I still have the illness. But I have never forgotten the awakening. Alex Edgar

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Worldwide Intuitive work

Energy Healing Online and Worldwide

It is wonderful to work directly with a healer in the same physical space. Yet it is also marvelous to connect with kindred spirits around the world.

No matter what we think of the current changes, intuitive work is moving online. And so is the process of learning its arts and techniques

You can book a an energy healing online with Alex or Annari on Zoom, Skype or Facebook messenger. Or you can also get short distant treatments for which you then receive a detailed report via email. 

Challenges and opportunities of online energy work

Spirituality overall, much like energywork, requires a mixture of surrender and concentrated effort. Discipline and spontaneity. In this, it is much like practicing a creative art. Whether your path is one of prayer, meditation or service, the challenges are similar. To to keep at it. Avoid bargaining. Retain integrity and work from the heart and soul, with the mind and body in harness.

I love the fact that I can connect with a client literally thousands of kilometers away. We feel the unity and congruence of our collective awareness across this great distance. I don’t have to clean the whole house. Or worry about my footwear and a mountain of linen before starting to work with a client. And it is a wonder to able to work in this way.

Energy healing online is much easier to organize, but you miss out on some of the magic that happens when you meet in person.

What I miss is being able to hear my client breathe, and being two bodies in the same room.

Read more:

Sharing the transformation. Giving and receiving, and noticing for one another. What is happening, what is happening in the room, and the magic of transmuting painful dense trapped feelings and sensations into bliss and ease on a physical level. I miss the feeling of portentousness that comes with the effort of meeting together in a dedicated space. We still get a lot of that but it feels less powerful and immediate than a face to face session.

Making a living as a healer

Can you make a living?

If you have discovered what a wonder it is to be able to help people in this way, you may be wondering what kind of a living you can make as an intuitive practitioner.

The answer is yes. You can make a living. But you have to succeed in the same ways as any other small business.

I recommend that you take any promises of fame and fortune with a gigantic tablespoon of salt. There are some very optimistic folk out there…

You can’t just say yes to a calling. You have to also be able to say that you are willing to work with your gift and your calling pragmatically, realistically, strategically. Grounded in what is real, with difficult clients and circumstances.

To really support yourself with this work is not common or easy. But it is totally worth the effort.

So many times I have lost all my savings trying to get this vocation to work financially. But every time that I moved away from the role, I regretted it. Eventually I decided to simply never stop trying.

So don’t count on being an intuitive helper as an easy career, or one that will support your family. But don’t give up either. If you love the work, keep going. Keep studying. Keep offering your gifts.

What you get in return is so much more than just financial benefit. And it is actually possible to earn a living eventually, so that you can focus on this work, and not have to waste all your time in some other job.

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