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Book an online healing session and come into alignment with All that is

Sometimes it helps to have someone offer tools and support. Sometimes it helps to have a safe space to explore what is holding you back. Sometimes, it is wonderful just to receive. Sometimes effort doesn’t seem to be enough on its own. This is when seeing a healer can be so helpful and supportive. Healers do not heal – they enable you to accept the healing that is always available to all of us. They help you to see clearly, so that you connect to Divine Light. They help you to feel clearly. so that you can become aware of Divine Love. They help you to act clearly so that you can feel Divine Goodness. These are all experiences that the body responds to positively, as does the mind and heart.

What is Healing?

​Healing is creating or rediscovering wholeness. In energy healing the central principle is to integrate your body, mind and spirit so that energy and awareness become blissful, aligned, and synchronized.

This in turn enables a return to physical and mental well-being.

And it is a process. The outcome is not certain or fully in our control.

I use two main modalities online – Reiki and Life Alignment – using intuition and listening deeply for the needs of the client.

Worldwide Energywork

It is wonderful to work directly with a healer in the same physical space, but it is also marvelous to connect with kindred spirits around the world.

Whatever we think of the current changes, intuitive work is moving online, and so is the process of learning it’s arts and techniques. 

You can book a treatment on Zoom, Skype or Facebook messenger, and you can also get short distant treatments for which you then receive a detailed report via email.