Reiki Symbol 2: How to use the Sei He Ki symbol

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Using Sei Hi Ki with a client

You can draw and say Reiki symbol 2 aloud and with your hand in the air over the client, or silently and with your mind’s eye over the client. This can be useful when the energy is already flowing and your client is in a deep state of relaxation. Beginners should always practice with the voice and hand to really help memorize the symbol and the mantra that goes with it.

The following video shows you how to coordinate the drawing of the symbol and saying the mantra.

You can draw this at the beginning of every session over the crown or brow chakra. This is best when you are still learning Reiki, so that you get practice and learn to channel the energy of the symbol and know its general flavor and qualities. Once Reiki is second nature to you, you can switch to using it at any time during the session and actually draw it anywhere over the body that is holding the emotional and mental imbalance, blockage or injury.

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Using the second Reiki symbol with yourself

Sei He Ki translates as “holy peace”. So you can use the symbol by drawing it over yourself, or by chanting the words as a relaxing mantra. Make up your own melody – whatever speaks to your own heart and ear. Alternatively, you can sit in silence and just feel that energy balancing and soothing your thoughts, emotions and body.

Working with a situation or place

You can use the Sei He Ki like a house blessing. The second Reiki symbol brings that beautiful sacred serene clear feeling to a room. It can be drawn over the entrance or doorway to a space, or sent to a situation, a country, a community as needed. You can simply visualize the situation, and then draw Reiki symbol 2 over it, and say Sei He Ki either aloud or silently in your mind.

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