Stellenbosch Interview with Annari Stander

Energy Healer, hypnotherapist, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor based in Stellenbosch, South Africa


Skillsets: Reiki, hypnotherapy, EFT/TFT, Life Alignment, Natural Intuitive, Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Locations: Stellenbosch, Globally available online

When did you first realize you had a healing gift? 

I think I knew I had a healing ability when I was like about seven or eight. I could feel the presence of something in a room. I kind-of complained to my dad about it. He has the same gift, but he didn’t really phrase his response right. So he said, “Oh, no, there’s nothing there.” 

So I suppressed the type of feeling that I had, and the energy that I was picking up. 

A couple of years later, as it turns out, he has the same abilities me to see in the mind’s eye and sense things that aren’t ‘normal’.

After years of going through my own therapy I realized, a lot of times the emotions I was experiencing weren’t actually my own. They were other people’s and I was simply picking up on how other people were feeling around me. 

What was the first course that you did when you started exploring your gifts?

I did a workshop in Stellenbosch on how to meet your guides. And then later that year I started doing a psychic development course, but I wasn’t ready for it and I was still freaked out by pretty much anything to do with being psychic. 

And then a year after that. I did Reiki, and so Reiki was my first healing modality that I studied.

 So what do you love most about doing this work? 

The entire process of just being with the person, in what can be a very vulnerable space sometimes, depending on where the session goes. And just seeing where the client goes from where they are at when they first come in. 

At first they arrive in a good mood because either this is where they actually are, or they are masking. 

And then going down into this negative space of exploring the bad feelings, or bad event. 

And then coming back up towards the end. They always seems so much lighter when they walk out. That entire process is amazing. 

I love a lot about it, but I think the thing I love most is when I get a message from a person that I helped a while ago saying, “Oh, my goodness gracious. You won’t believe what happened!” or “Remember that thing you helped me with? Never had a problem like that again.”. 

I think that’s one of my favourite things. 

 How is energy work helpful for people to receive? 

It is a confusing time these days and sometimes we experience emotions that are not ours. It is a personal view but I feel there are a lot of people experiencing emotions and thoughts that aren’t necessarily theirs. I have found that energy healing can help a person to distinguish between what are their own feelings and issues, and what they are picking up from others.

Another reason that I think energy healing is very helpful, is because I don’t see the body’s functions as separate from emotions or from the subtle energy field. 

There’s continuously an integration between the two. For example, if you have a heart ache, you sometimes physically feel it in your heart, and for me who has felt energy since I was young, I feel the energetic pain as well. 

They also connected and there are different ways of working with it. You can deal with the emotions, which is what psychologists do. You can deal with the physical pain, which is what doctors do. Or you can deal with it on an energetic level, which is what we do. 

What can people expect from a typical energy healing session, either in Stellenbosch or online? 

It’s a difficult question to answer because most healers have a client-centered approach So we adapt the modality in a way that suits the client best and what works for the client at that time. 

So what you can expect from a specific session is not what your friend, or your mother or ten other people from the street may experience. It’s a completely different experience. What you can definitely expect from the outcome is a difference. A change.

You’re coming out of the session different to how you were when you walked in.

Sometimes it’s a better difference. 

Sometimes there’s a little bit of a longer integration needed before you can completely release your issue. 

But in the end, generally there is a release of something. A gained experience. A lighter vibration. 

Interview conducted via Zoom in Stellenbosch Oct 2021 by Alex Edgar

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