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Reiki 2 Course: The Heart of Healing Beyond Space-Time

October 12 @ 09:00 - 16:00 EDT

Reiki 2 Course

Reiki 2 Course with Certificate

The three Reiki 2 symbols

Learn how to work with 3 Reiki symbols:

  1. Cho Ku Rei: The power symbol
  2. Sei he ki: The protection and connection symbol
  3. Hon Sho Ze Sha Nen: The distance healing symbol

We will discuss the meaning of the symbols, how to say and draw

High vibrations

azthem, and when and how to use them. You will also get a training manual and lots of practice.

These symbols have been used for more than 100 years and have the most stunning, beautiful energy.

We will explore how to safely get the vibration of new symbols before receiving attunements and how to set healthy boundaries as an energy healer. Usui Reiki is very pure and has lovely high vibrations, but it is always important to be empowered and aware with your spiritual practices.

Distance Healing

We will also go over the dos and don’ts for distance healing, get some more practice and learn simple techniques that you can always use in your healing practice.

With distance healing, when you first start out, it helps to find a partner who is willing to receive the healing at a specific time each day for a while. Then you can compare notes and get a feeling for the energy.

Each modality of energy healing has its own vibrational frequencies, and it takes time to become conscious of the energies and sense them clearly. It really helps to have a designated partner – preferably with significant health problems and a high level of sensitivity and openness. Everyone’s energy is different, and you will find some individuals much easier to perceive and to influence than others. It is a good idea to work with someone with whom you have a high compatability.

Working with the Reiki 2 Symbols gives you tools for a lifetime, but getting comfortable and familiar with them takes some effort.

Join our participatory Reiki 2 course and cover:

  • When to use the symbols
  • The vibrational frequency of the symbols
  • Ways to draw the symbols
  • Ways to work remotely
  • Trusting your senses and opening your perceptions
  • Parallel processing
  • The suspension of disbelief
  • Preparing to work
  • Working with pain
  • Engaging with fatigue
  • Working with detoxification
  • Healing the emotions
  • Working with Reiki in conjunction with pressure points, chakras and subtle bodies
  • Avoiding being the object of projections from vulnerable clients

Course Details

Cost: 100 USD

South-Africans receive a 40% discount. 

Certificate requirement: 20 Case studies

Next class is on Saturday the 12th of October 2024 09h00 EST/ 14h00 UK time


October 12
09:00 - 16:00 EDT


Online Workshop
New York City
New York City, NY United States
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Alex Edgar
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