Zoom Session

An online Zoom session can actually easily be done with Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, or Google Meet too. It is really easy to set up, so don’t worry if you have not used this platform before.

These sessions allow you to understand, observe and oversee all energywork processes. So you know exactly what I am doing, and why.

An online intuitive zoom session gives you time to talk things through. To share what you are thinking and feeling. Your goals, your concerns, and your questions.

An online zoom session also means  that the changes and transformations that you need to create in order to shift into a new state of wholeness (heal) on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level are your changes. They are your transformations. Your insights.

It is your connection to Divine support and homecoming to Love that facilitates the shift. This is because positive and peak experiences are the moments that transform old patterns and old blockages into new, easier, freer ways of being.   And naturally this new ease translates into better health and happier thoughts. The doors of perception are opened. Which is both wondrous and wonderful to experience.

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