Surrogate healing: Cherish the ones you love


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  Surrogate healing: Cherish the ones you love

I started writing this just before getting a ton of these sessions coming in. There is definitely a higher pattern at work. And now I have a lot more insight into what to say.

Sometimes it is very difficult to witness the struggle, stuckness or suffering of the people we love. Praying for them is not to be underrated, but often we end up putting in super-human effort trying to push a building over for them, when what is needed is to turn the key and open the door.

In addition, often it seems as if the more you love someone, the harder it is to get perspective, or find the place from which you can really support them. Our own biographies get entangled. We want to help, but it feels so difficult and painful.

The boundaries are confusing. Are we doing too much or too little? Or both?

How do we do a surrogate healing?

When you use a surrogate healing session to help someone there are different possible layers of involvement.

You may directly stand in for the person. Feel their feelings for them, use your own body and energy field as a surrogate for theirs, to feel the blockages and channel the healing to them.  This is often useful for your children, who might be too young to work with directly. We may ask you to put the person’s name or a hair sample onto your navel while we work.

You may also simply witness with me or Annari as we work with your person. This can be useful to help you stand back and observe what is going on. We will then use their name as an anchor point on our side.

We may also do a balance on you and your person as a pair. Mapping out the flow of energy in a family constellation.

What is lovely about the process is that myself or Annari  are not involved directly, we can guide you through the tangle from a higher perspective.

We are able to really help, clarify and shift things for you and your person and gain a higher perspective into what is really going on.

This brings a great feeling of relief. And it also enables some amazing work to be done, that the person would otherwise not be able to access working directly with someone.

About Alex and Annari

We are both naturally intuitive and use a wide variety of energy-healing tools and techniques to help you. We use Reiki, the Life Alignment technique, crystals, flower essences, angels, animal guides, quantum healing, sound healing, and EFT, as well as other techniques.

We wish to guide you on your own journey into your own life’s wonder, not simply report back to you what we sense.

Once we have received payment, we will contact you and set up an appointment on Zoom or Skype for your session.

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