Distance session

Annari and I do a distance session just from a recent photo.We email you as we work.

Distance sessions are useful to maintain and support your own process. Without having to set up a scheduled time and day to meet. And without needing to interact directly with the healer.

What is nice for the receiver is that they require less energy, less time, less effort and less input to receive the benefits.

They are also useful for helping a loved one who is incapacitated and unable to interact to receive the support.

Challenges of a distance session

For the practitioner, distance sessions are more strenuous than face to face. Because we are not sharing the effort of tuning in, processing the emotions, and shifting the blockages.

So they require more focus and more energy.

Also, what we perceive happens purely through our own points of reference. It often happens for me that when working directly with a client, our experiences of what is happening are quite different.

While the client needs to go down into their shadow, into their traumas or their blockages, I may be dancing around in the light aspect of the experience. This risks leaving the client feeling unseen and unheard. In a face to face video call, the client’s experience comes first and is the main point of reference.

Conversely, in a distance session, I may be accessing long forgotten traumas and despairing moments that are still trapped in the energy field. Which may be very far from the everyday awareness of the client.

In a collaborative session, I can nudge the client to access these aspects of themselves.

The best way to understand the email for a distance session is to switch off the thoughts, feel the shift in your vibrational field, and trust the process.

Accept the insights offered as maybes, as metaphors, as possibilities, and hold them lightly in your mind.


In a distance session, the poor client may be wondering what on earth I am on about.

Some people really prefer and do better with distance sessions than with face to face. I trust that you know which is right for you. Trust your own intuition, always, and lets give things a try and see what comes up.

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