Meridian balance & integration


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The meridian balance is a simple process to balance the flow of energy through your meridians. I use Life Alignment tools and work distantly, so its very much a zero effort on your side. Just send me a picture and book a session.

Meridian balances are good when you have done a lot of healing, but it doesn’t feel integrated into your body yet.

Of course there are always exceptions. But usually this is not a deep emotional process. It is rather a simple wrapping up of work that has already been done.

The feeling of it, energetically is like a wonderful warm nourishing golden light. The energy spreads from the Dan Tien throughout the web of meridians in your whole body. It is a lovely healing to do, and very quick.

However, I do like to be centred when I work, so there is some prep time, and of course communication with you as a client.

Please send me a recent photo of yourself to work with, via the messages option.


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