Spirit attachment removal & clearing foreign energy

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This is a simple process of removing any attachments from your energy field.

Empaths especially have a tendency to take on the thoughts and feelings of other minds. Even when they are quite distant from you. Spirit attachment removal sounds quite alarming, but in fact, it is not such a big deal. There is no need to be too intimidated.

I can do a quick clearing. And I can confirm if you have indeed picked up on someone else’s stuff.

It’s a bit like having someone fix the label at the back of your neck. So simple for me to see and fix the problem. Almost impossible to perceive or sort out on your own. By definition, your boundaries have become blurred and mingled with someone else’s. As a result, you have lost some of your sense of self and other in the process. This is why it is so difficult to engage with the problem on your own.

How do you know if you have a spirit attachment?

You may be feeling feelings and having thoughts that just don’t seem to match your own personality. They often have a sour and negative quality. This can also leave you very drained and worn out, because your energy is not properly insulated.

This is a simple distance session that won’t take me very much time or require that you set aside time for a dedicated session. Simply sent me a photo, and I’ll get on with it and send you feedback when I’m done.

The first thing I will do is check if this is what should be done, or whether you need book a second session to take deliberate centre-stage in the process. You may need to participate more actively, so that you are empowered to deal with something a bit more involved.

For example, If you wish to deal with a connection with someone in your life who is significant, perhaps we need to do a face-to-face cord cutting option instead.

Or perhaps, shifting the pattern of letting foreign energy into your field in general requires a bit of face to face work over Zoom or Skype. I’ll let you know if I think we need more in depth work.

`you may also have picked up on stuff because actually you are being asked by the universe to provide an act of service.

I will definitely let you know if this is what I sense. I can help you through the process if you want, with a follow-up session.

The nasty stuff

It is not external demons that are our greatest challenge. It is the monsters in our own hearts. Unfortunately, it is also possible that you have bound a negative energy to yourself in a fit of anger, or a deep desire to retaliate for being wounded at some time in your life.

If I pick this up, I will relay the information to you. Please don’t feel judged! Work from a place of compassion and understanding and see if it resonates for you. And follow up with me or another practitioner to work through shifting such negative, fear-based contracts, so that you can have the support you need to perceive, remember, and release the connection. This kind of spirit attachment removal requires that you do some deep work with yourself. It is a real call to action!

All of these patterns of attachment happened to me before. It takes time to develop discernment as to what is needed, what is the cause, and how to make things right again. And usually then, the help of another healer to see what is going on.

When should I book a face to face consultation instead?

I’ve had quite a few clients who have hired dodgy magician types who have then gone on to abuse and stalk them psychically, with all sorts of nasty entity stuff and curses and so forth.

Clearing this specific pattern of being psychically bullied is not a matter of paying your money and sitting back. It is a call to stand in your own power and not allow yourself to be bullied. I’m happy to help, but we need to work face to face for this problem. Handing over your power is what got you into this mess in the first place, so it’s never going to get you out of it again – not for long anyway.

Please remember that face to face is far better than distance work for deep processes, simply because it allows for much better communication, and a more in-depth process. However, we aren’t always in a position to take that step. In the interim I am very happy to help with a quick clearing.

Most clients will simply need me to remove any attachments and report back to them. However I will only know exactly what you need when I do the work.

About Alex and Annari

We are both naturally intuitive and use a wide variety of energy-healing tools and techniques to help you. We use Reiki, the Life Alignment technique, crystals, flower essences, angels, animal guides, quantum healing, sound healing, and EFT, as well as other techniques.

We wish to guide you on your own journey into your own life’s wonder, not simply report back to you what we sense.

Once we have received payment, we will contact you and set up an appointment on Zoom or Skype for your session.

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8 reviews for Spirit attachment removal & clearing foreign energy

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    The most amazing kind and loving healer, incredibly grateful!!

  2. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “I’ve notice immediate change after the session – I do not understand how is this even possible 🙂 but I am way happier. Big thanks to Annari and lots of love 🙂 !” 3 Mar 2022

  3. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Wow ❤️ Alex is amazing and so caring. I felt immediately a change and shift in my energy and the energies around me. I felt a peace that my soul truly needed. Everything you told me and what she saw was accurate to the T . Thank you so much Alex, I truly appreciate you very much. You are a blessing to me ❤️.” 10 Jun 2022

  4. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Alex was amazing! She not only scanned me but also removed a foreign energy from my field and I felt so much better! Definitely coming back for more healing and I highly recommend this shop!” 25 Mar 2021

  5. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Wonderful work Alex does! She’s a maverick and a superb worker, she’s taught me a lot and truly appreciate all her work!” 17 Feb2022

  6. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “I’m very much impressed by her powerful energy she is a healer. Thank you very much for your help. 🙏” 25 Sep 2021

  7. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Pure excellence. Highly recommended. Wonderful lady, fabulous.” 17 May 2020

  8. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Helped me to get rid of a spirit that was attached to me and help him cross over. I feel so much better now, thank you!” 8 Jul 2020

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