Life Alignment Technique of Energy Medicine

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Bringing alignment to mind, body and spirit.

If you need to explore your thoughts and integrate them, then this is the right session to book.

Life Alignment is a toolkit for guiding you through deep healing and transformation. It is wonderful to receive. And great for when you really need to make big changes,. When you are ready to step over the threshold into a higher vibration. I have been working with this modality for about 20 years, and it continues to help me grow as a person and as a healer.

Once you make the booking and the request, we will contact you to set up a time and date.

This is only done face to face on Zoom, Skype or Google Meet. Please find a safe comfortable space where you feel like you can really go deep without being disturbed, and allow for time afterwards to relax and integrate.

Please also make sure that you have plenty of water on hand during the balance, and some tissues.

Life Alignment usually asks that you bravely go into your emotions and really feel them.

The deeper you feel, the deeper you heal.

About Alex and Annari

We are both naturally intuitive and use a wide variety of energy-healing tools and techniques to help you. We use Reiki, the Life Alignment technique, crystals, flower essences, angels, animal guides, quantum healing, sound healing, and EFT, as well as other techniques.

We wish to guide you on your own journey into your own life’s wonder, not simply report back to you what we sense.

Once we have received payment, we will contact you and set up an appointment on Zoom or Skype for your session.

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7 reviews for Life Alignment Technique of Energy Medicine

  1. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Wow, this was such an amazing and in-tune experience for me! It was such a pleasure meeting Alex. She is the real deal, has such an incredibly calming presence, and radiates a lot of peace, love, and kindness. I had never done anything like this before but Alex walked me through the process with patience. After completing this, I felt an energetic shift within myself and felt a release. I am looking forward to purchasing more services and highly recommend this, as it can be tailored to your needs. Thank you so much Alex <3" 30 Jun 2021

  2. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “This woman is incredible fantastic… She is incredible wonderfull…. She is the best, I love her!! haha She is just brilliant!! I cannot explain enough…! 100% recommended. I will come back to her everytime I need it, and I have already purchased few times from her.” 8 Feb 2021

  3. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “My second session! Alex has a great talent for summarizing your deepest experience, quickly. That is astonishing! Since this is intuitive work, my only fyi is – be open. Right before our session, I had an ah-ha moment, and then another one during session. Two a-ha moments in one day… that is intense, and also needed. Been working on both of them for a week, and I am looking forward to my next session. happy healing!” 30 Jan 2022

  4. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Doing this life alignment shifted so many things. I was so grateful for the Skype session with Alex and felt marvelous afterwards. Wow! This was better than a therapy session. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 2 Jun 2020

  5. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “One of the most amazing healers I’ve met, incredible progress in but weeks. Really a very kind soul, for a price I’ve never seen elsewhere among the greatest healing and guidance I’ve received..thank you for your sincerity, Alex! Recommend insanely !!!” 2 Jul 2020

  6. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “Wonderful healing session, Alex was very compassionate and kind, she guides me through the healing process, so sweet and is very generous with her time answering all my questions 💛. I’m glad I decided to try working with her. I’ve been feeling disconnected for a couple of months, and ended up feeling so much love and a strong connection to the Creator after the session. It was beautiful, thank you, Alex <3." 28 Jun 2021

  7. alexedgar2 (store manager)

    “very super great healer not the first time do great job with sooner Will do.bussnis again with these accurate very good great healer ! the best!” 30 Jun 2022

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