Tribal healing for Christmas


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Christmas and childhood trauma

Christmas and childhood trauma can get nastily entangled. For many, Christmas can get really loaded with old family traumas, wounds and painful echos of past dysfunctionality.

This healing session is to work with your entire tribe, family or community specifically around the festive season. This time of the year will bring up very specific issues to be addressed, so now is the time!

Now is the time to get some help, get into a state of personal strength and integration. Come into a state of truth and clear vision.

Change what we can. Accept what cannot be changed. Learn to live gracefully and painlessly with the broken. For many of us, this is the healing and the promise that the Christmas season brings. And unless you make the changes and transform, this promise may never bear fruit.

Can you shift your own role within your messed-up collective? We all know the dance-steps. The golden child, the black sheep, the scapegoat, the orphan, the rescuer, and the Christmas elves.

And can you, at a safe distance, and with the help of an outsider, help the people you love? Just a little. To shift into integrity just a little. Do some kind magic that will help them find relief and happiness and hope and harmony.

Detoxify that Christmas feast, and make the space safer and saner for all. Christmas and childhood trauma don’t need to be coupled for the rest of your life.

What does a session involve?

If we are given permission to work with your collective, we will scan the list of people, get permission from their higher selves and call in their  support team of guides. I then read their energy as well as the flow of energy between them and others including yourself. We follow guidance to help, detoxify, transmute and bring flow and harmony into the collective energy field.

It is important to know that while we can bring blessings, support and ease, in the end, each person is responsible for themselves. We can make it easier for someone to shift their stuff, but we cannot make them choose differently. So when working with others, it is a matter of seeing clearly and knowing, helping and hoping.

Then ultimately standing back and being at peace, in that place of clarity and strength where that person may choose dark or light without affecting our own internal state.

With so many of our more broken loved ones, loving unconditionally is best supported by not feeling hurt ourselves by their shortcomings. From this space, spiritual authority flows, and so does true efficacy as the healer, teacher and light-worker in the family.

Because by booking this session, that is the archetype you are embodying.

So let’s play!

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