Study Energy Healing: accredited course


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Study to become an energy healer with a qualification in Life Alignment Technique.

Study energy healing online and master your calling.

Help others and find fulfillment with a skill that is founded on kindness, compassion, sensitivity and a sincere desire to help and to understand others.

Study energy healing with a qualification in Life Alignment Technique.

Life Alignment is an energy healing technique. It enables you to work deeply with emotions and the mind, as well as with the subtle energy field. At the same time, you learn to use your intuition and integrate your intuition with complex information. Life Alignment uses techniques from many different healing disciplines.

This is a powerful yet gentle technique.  It connects both the client and the practitioner with Universal Mind. Energy healing integrates the client not only with their souls, but also with the wider cosmos to bring healing through connecting with joy, truth, peace and love.

Life Alignment brings a particular ability to bypass the constrictions of the usual mental habits. Usually painful thoughts and responses.  In this way, you can create new freedom and empathy for the client’s experience of the problem.  You enable a space of clarity and ease. Healing flows naturally from this newfound freedom.

This is the first of 3 courses in Life Alignment. It leads on to an accredited Life Coaching qualification in the United States.

We work using our hands to transmit, balance and integrate the client’s energy, as well as with very specific body points, organs and systems within the body.

A quick look at the ground we cover in the course

Foundation Manual Table of Contents

Basic Principles of Life Alignment


Body Locator Lines

Zones and Correction Points

Zones A – E

Foundation Course Body Points

Foundation Course Body Points – Locations

Body Point/Priority List

Vortex Centers

Description of Body Points


Step by Step Procedure

Balancing Flow Chart


Balancing Worksheet


Priority List

Scanning Sheet


Emotional Release

Mechanics of Muscle Testing

Use of a Pendulum

Standards of Practice

Seminar Assessment Form

Body Points Practice Chart

Life Coaching component

Also covered are four counseling skills:

  1. compassionate presence and grounding
  2. empathy
  3. attunement
  4. active listening

You will learn how to work skillfully with a pendulum and with muscle testing.

This is an intensive small-group 4 day course with lots of experiential learning and practice, followed by a practice session later in the year.

I will send you your manual and charts in PDF format. You will need to print the manual as a small a4 workbook and laminate the charts as A3 double-sided posters. We do use energy healing cards called vortex cards, which you can easily order online.  This way, we can start the course without worrying about global postal systems. And you can start to learn immediately. (Please bring your own pendulum to the class.)

This is an Internationally Accredited Foundation Course qualifying you as a Body Spin practitioner.

And it’s the first step in a modular curriculum towards qualifying as a Life Alignment Practitioner:

  1. Foundation Course Body Spin
  2. Life Alignment Modules 1 and 2
  3. Case studies for each module
  4. Supervision sessions
  5. Practical days with your Life Alignment teacher
  6. Master class with founder Jeff Levin

When you are ready to become an Advanced Practitioner, further modules and specialities can be added.

Suggested Dates:

Saturday the 1st of April 2023 & Sunday the 2nd, Saturday the 8th of April and Sunday the 9th.


  • EST: 13h00 midday to 19h00 PM (Depending on who participates around the world)
  • PST: 09h00 AM  to 15h00 PM

We will do the course on Zoom.

You are welcome to contact me with any questions and to add your name to a waiting list to study energy healing with us in early 2024.


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