Courses and workshops online

Courses and workshops online enable you to work with and learn with fellow students from all over the world.

All our courses and workshops are participatory and sociable. Energywork is a practical experiential skill.


We don’t allow the medium of Zoom to turn learning into a boring and exhausting passive process. Groups are small and there is plenty of time to chat, a chance to move about, and form intimate connections.

So learning it is also a practical, experiential experience. You get to ask question. Explore. Practice with others. Confirm your own intuitions, feelings and processes.

Come and join our beautiful community of students, practitioners and colleagues from around the world in learning how to help others by working with the human vibrational field.

Courses and workshops empower you and help you to develop confidence. All of our courses are open to old students to resit free of charge as many times as you like. So there are plenty of opportunities to learn again, and again, until you really master the skills, the insights and the deep knowing that makes for a really good healer.

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