Online workshops for energy healers



Are you an energy healer?

Would you like to practice, learn new skills, and experience different techniques in your profession?

Come and join our online workshops for energy healers. We cover a few skills and get a chance to practice with one another. These workshops are really about professional development and adding to your toolbox.

The more techniques and experience you can draw on, the better placed you are to help your clients. You can be specific. The terrain is familiar and practiced. You have intuitive experience of the issue, and you have more strategies to draw on.

These workshops are suitable for healers from all lineages and beginner to advanced skill levels. I list the content of each workshop in its event page, so you can see if the skills are already familiar to you or not.

Usual schedule for online workshops for energy healers

They are usually on the 3rd Sunday of the  month.

You can visit the events page to find out what workshops are being run in each month.

The usual time is 12 midday New York time, which is at 6 pm South African time. But please check in the events calendar, which you can also add to your own calendar by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Online Workshop etiquette

Zoom workshops can easily turn into boring lectures which you half-attend to while fiddling around on your side. So in order to keep the workshops interesting and dynamic, please:

  • Be ready to keep your camera and microphone on for most of the workshop unless it really is impossible
  • Be ready to take your own notes – we do not record these workshops.
  • Be ready to receive and to practice with other participants
  • Be ready to guard the confidences of others and yourself – create a safe space for this work which is private enough to work more deeply in

About the facilitator

Alex Edgar has been a teacher, facilitator and energy healer for about 30 years and has worked with clients from all walks of life in many different circumstances. She is at least as much self-taught as she is formally educated and puts her intuition first as a guide to her work.


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