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Once I have received payment, and a photo to work from, I give you a ten minute distance Reiki healing, and report back to you via email on what I sensed and did during the healing session.

Use these short distant Reiki sessions to support ongoing healing, for example as a support for cancer treatment, surgery, prolonged recovery periods, or chronic illnesses. I like to use Reiki healing for specific conditions and in short repeated bursts.

To engage with your illness in more depth and for transformative work, please book a face to face session. To support the work that you are doing already, a daily or twice weekly Distance Reiki Zap can work wonders to clear disease energy and boost your body’s innate healing ability.

Please do not substitute healing for conventional medical treatment. Always see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

About me: I have been working as a healer on and off for about 30 years following a spiritual awakening. I use empathy and an ability to feel energy. This has slowly developed into an inner knowing. Occasionally I see or hear stuff, but mostly just feel. I have worked as a counselor, teacher and massage therapist. Almost all my sessions are face to face. I wish to guide you on your own journey into your own life’s wonder, not simply report back to you you what I sense.

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