Therapeutic uses of Sei Hi Ki, Reiki symbol 2

Sei Hi Ki is used for emotional and mental healing. The closest translation of the Japanese is Holy Peace. So it is used when your client is having emotional or mental issues. It helps calm, balance and soothe, as well as providing the spacious loving support that your client needs in order to heal on … Read more

Reiki Symbol 2: How to use the Sei He Ki symbol

You can draw and say the Reiki symbols aloud and with your hand in the air over the client, or silently and with your mind’s eye over the client. This can be useful when the energy is already flowing and your client is in a deep state of relaxation. Beginners should always practice with the … Read more

Energy Healing, Spirituality & Psychology

I practice energy healing because it works. Not because I believe it works, or any such flim-flam. Scientific evidence has not yet come down conclusively on one side of this debate or the other – whatever Wikipedia says – I am afraid it is too biased to be taken seriously as a source. I would … Read more

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – How to draw and say

buddha nature is natural

Each pictograph in the symbol is a word (you can see how this fits together here: Reiki symbol 3) , so you can say each word as you write it, but then you lose out on repeating it three times, which does not make good practical sense for activating the healing energy of the symbol. … Read more

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: History & meaning and how & when to use it

How to use the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

The third Reiki symbol is often seen as the symbol for distance healing, and of course it can help you do distance healing because it helps you connect with your client. My teacher, Leonard Keen, taught me that it meant “I greet the divine spirit in you.” So it is also about helping both you … Read more

McDonalds is not the right venue, but it is what is

So you’d think working online would mean working from anywhere, right? All you need is yourself and internet… Well, not so fast. You need first world tech at third world rates to make it work online. Either you are already established, or floating on a cushion of economic comfort, or you are on the edge. … Read more

Is it a Spiritual Awakening or a Psychotic Episode?

If you are on this page, I am assuming that you are not sure. While parts of a spiritual awaking are absolutely wonderful – filled with joy, love, peace and wonder, parts can be filled with pain and uncertainty. Both of these experiences can be lonely and frightening. Sometimes it can be very hard to … Read more

Cho Ku Rei – Spiritual meaning

Direct Access to Divine Source · When we use the Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, it is usually fairly directly, to increase and focus the flow of Reiki energy into a particular area, or through a particular part of the practitioner’s body – for example through the palms of the hands. You can also infuse … Read more

Highs and Lows – Spiritual despair as part of awakening

Sitting down to blog this, my first impulse is to find an explanation and nifty quote somewhere on the internet. To be honest, although so much of my own path has involved extremes of ecstasy and the most dreadful depression, rage and unhappiness – despair in short, I am still not really sure of the … Read more