Manifesting Reality: Interview with Jeff Cloud

13 December 2021 Personal transformation coach, facilitator and author of Waking Up in the Dream Jeff Cloud Teaching the mind to trust Alex: Moving beyond the idea of lack is one of the issues you often work with. Tell me more about how people can move beyond the state of lack, manifesting reality as abundance. … Read more

Stellenbosch Interview with Annari Stander Stellenbosch energy healer Annari Stander

Energy Healer, hypnotherapist, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor based in Stellenbosch, South Africa Website: Skillsets: Reiki, hypnotherapy, EFT/TFT, Life Alignment, Natural Intuitive, Sound Healing, Kundalini Yoga Instructor Locations: Stellenbosch, Globally available online When did you first realize you had a healing gift?  I think I knew I had a healing ability when I was like … Read more


self-healing through diet, vegetable broth

Saving your own life One of the reasons why self-healing is so necessary is because of the gaps and problems with science-based mainstream medicine. Of course our bodies are not perfect, and of course mainstream medicine is a wonderful, life-saving blessing for humanity. Where it falls short is not just in the spiritual understanding and … Read more

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: History & meaning and how & when to use it

How to use the symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

The third Reiki symbol is often seen as the symbol for distance healing, and of course it can help you do distance healing because it helps you connect with your client. My teacher, Leonard Keen, taught me that it meant “I greet the divine spirit in you.” So it is also about helping both you … Read more

McDonalds is not the right venue, but it is what is

So you’d think working online would mean working from anywhere, right? All you need is yourself and internet… Well, not so fast. You need first world tech at third world rates to make it work online. Either you are already established, or floating on a cushion of economic comfort, or you are on the edge. … Read more

Is it a Spiritual Awakening or a Psychotic Episode?

If you are on this page, I am assuming that you are not sure. While parts of a spiritual awaking are absolutely wonderful – filled with joy, love, peace and wonder, parts can be filled with pain and uncertainty. Both of these experiences can be lonely and frightening. Sometimes it can be very hard to … Read more

Highs and Lows – Spiritual despair as part of awakening

Sitting down to blog this, my first impulse is to find an explanation and nifty quote somewhere on the internet. To be honest, although so much of my own path has involved extremes of ecstasy and the most dreadful depression, rage and unhappiness – despair in short, I am still not really sure of the … Read more